Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2019: An Ultimate Guide For The Game Leaders

Priyansh Ha |Mar 02, 2019

Check out the ultimate guide for hottest spring summer fashion trends of 2019. The game is on!


Following the New York Fashion Week are London, Milan and Paris ones which have introduced the latest spring summer fashion trends for 2019. If you don’t want to be in a rush for the next season, here are all you need to know to be ahead of the game.


1. Neon

Via many celebs-read, mostly Kim Kardashian, neon has made its way back to the high-fashion world and is likely to stay for long. Many collections have broadcast the trends of fluorescent hues including Naeem Khan, Henry Holland and Christian Siriano.

Neon shades are not easy to play with, but once you master the rules, it will be more flattering than anything else. At first, get started with a safe option by mixing a single neon item with black. Pairing it with classic denim is also not a bad idea.

2. Yellow

What shade can be more related to summer than the bright, vibrant shade of marigolds? The stunning designs in yellow can be seen in every runway shows from Oscar De La Renta, Carolina Herrera, to Brandon Maxwell. The best part is this shade is for all skin tones. Nothing can be more gorgeous than a bright yellow set on a sunny day.

3. Tie Dye

Spring and summer fashion trends this year is all about colours, from neon to yellow and then tie-dye. Spotted on the runway shows at Prabal Gurung and R13, these tie-dye knits, midi skirts and blazers are all impressive so sophisticated. Forge those DYI tie-dye T-shirt of the old days as they are now high-street items which come at a very affordable price.


4. Crochet

 Along with the return of tie-dye is another ultimate vibe from the ‘70s, crochet. 2019 sees the stunning return of crochets on various fashion runways like JW Anderson, and Victoria Beckham or Oscar de la Renta. All of them are in monochrome. It is a very wearable item that you can even go all the way with accessories.


5. Colour-blocking 

This year is the time for Colour-blocking fever to come back! Smacking in our faces with vivid colours next spring, there is no doubt that it’s necessary to have a good understanding of colour-blocking.
Prepare for a colourful season because we’ll even say yes with neon. Throw away your hesitation because when it comes to colour-blocking, it’s all about being wild and bold.


6. Animal Print

Among the hottest fashion trends that we have to talk about is animal print. The best thing about this trend is that you can still rock animal-printed items from last season because there is no sign showing the downfall of this trend as those items continue to show up at fashion week.


7. Cycling Shorts

Bolder and wilder than ever, this no-one-asked-for fashion trend has made a massive comeback in this year’s season. Luxury brands such as Chanel, Stella McCartney, Prada and Fendi are all in favour of this short. When Chanel gives you a shiny luminous look of Cycling shorts, Stella McCartney renovates them by adding a lot of floral to their designs.


8. Bucket hats

As we can see from this year fashion trends, all of us are giving more attention to protecting our facial skin from the sunlight. Wearing hats is not a bad idea. However, they’ll be bucket hats - the trend that we are not asking for. From the velvety contentment at Anna Sui to bizarre looks at Louis Vuitton, this trend might be odd.

9. Fringing

If you think you can still be on trend with sequins a la Gucci, leather a la Longchamp or silk a la Tom Ford, think again because, in this season, everything doesn’t swoosh around as you will be a total flop.
It is an amusing trend to give it a try and can go along well with your usual style items.


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