Priyanka Chopra’s Eyes Makeup For Vanity Fair Oscar Party Looks Shiny Like Her Diamond Earrings

Advika Hue |Feb 27, 2019

Priyanka Chopra’s makeup look for the Vanity Fair Oscar Party looked perfectly stunning and here is the detailed instruction shared by her makeup artist Pati Dubroff.

Priyanka Chopra Oscars2019

After Priyanka Chopra got married to Nick Jonas, their relationship and wedding have become the most talked-about topic of the public. Also, last summer Priyanka Chopra attended her best friend’s wedding - one of the biggest event of 2018. It seems like Priyanka Chopra is living the best days of her life. She later appeared on the first digital cover of Allure and made a fabulous appearance at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

To match with the Elie Saab gown, Chopra had MUA Pati Dubroff to take care of her makeup look. Pati Dubroff is also the one who worked with Chopra for her royal wedding makeup. And this time, the highlight of Oscar makeup look is her beautiful eyes.

According to Dubroff, she got the inspiration from the beadwork of the gown. The beading looked shiny under the light, but it was dark and black.

Screenshot 142

Pati Dubroff Priyanka Chopra Bts

The makeup look was approved by Priyanka pretty easily. Dubroff came up with some ideas after she saw the dress and send to Priyanka to ask for her opinion, to which Priyanka replied immediately, “I love it.”

As Dubroff has explained, sometimes black shadows could be ashy and grey when applying to warm skin tone. So she used Jill Stuart Beauty Iconic Look Eyeshadow in C204, a warm bronze shadow to blend with Priyanka’s skin tone.

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To have a shiny black and bronze eyeshadow colour, it requires many layers of textures and colours, and Dubroff is a master of it.

Priyanka Chopra Oscars Vfparty

The outer corners of the eyes are then defined and extended by a soft eyeliner pencil. They are focused on black colour to create depth and make her eyes shape look longer. To have this perfect winged eyeliner which isn’t too graphic, you can follow Dubroff tips: drawing from the lash lines, then passing the outer eyes corners, going up a bit then blending it to create a wing. Dubroff shared that this eyeliner style was more complicated and took longer than the style Priyanka usually had – eyeliners in round shape or her eyes shape.

Next, to create a wet effect on her eyelids, Dubroff applied the Jill Stuart Beauty Twinkle Glow Multi Stick and then a coating of Lemondhead Spice paste (Groupie). This blend gave the textures to Priyanka’s eyes and made them look shiny, just like her diamonds earrings. Dubroff next applied a thin layer of black eyeshadow on the glitter and then finished the eyes makeup with waterproof mascara.

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Last but not least, to make Priyanka’s lips look stunning but not too distracting from her eyes, Dubroff put a perfect mixture of the Jill Stuart Beauty Dressed Rouge in 04 as a dense and full coverage base and the Jill Stuart Beauty Lip Blossom in 46 as the gloss lipstick. This mixture gave the lips a perfect berry-toned colour.


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