Denim Underwear Is The Latest Off-Beat Fashion. Surprising Price!

Priyansh Ha |Apr 02, 2019

So the summer is too hot to get your shorts any longer?

The hottest keyword in the fashion world last weekend is definitely about denim underwear if you think fashion trends have got weird enough and ‘crazy’ designs, not yet! Here is super short denim shorts which look exactly like panties. The eerie design from Y Project included in their Spring Summer 2019 collection stirred up the whole fashion world. It has attracted a huge attention and numerous hilarious comments on the social media. They all agree that fashion has gone too far from our imagination.

Being one of the most popular materials in the fashion world, denim is an endless source of inspiration for designer all around the world. However, they sometimes take it too far with over- distressed or even plastic jeans. The hottest denim of the week seems to be a piece of shorts with high cuts which so-called ‘janties’. The unimaginable jeans come with a heavy price of Rs 31,000. It is available in three colors from black, blue to white.  

Beside this denim, underwear is other offbeat pairs of jeans which has left the internet speechless lately. Which is your favorite design for this summer? Let us know in the comment section.


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