Friendship Detox: 11 Types Of Friends You Really Don’t Need Anymore

Kimmy Karima |Sep 26, 2019

People believe that good friends are the family you can choose. Which means, in a sense, they’re even better than some family members. But then there are still some friends who are so toxic that you’d better not have them by your side anyway.

All the psychologists will say that you need friendship to be socially healthy. Yes, friendship is one of the few most important relationships and it helps improve all aspects of your life. That is, if your friends are really, really good ones.

You’re blessed if you have a good friend.

What about friends that are bad for you? You don’t necessarily think of those that make you utter: “With friends like that, who needs enemies?”. But give a deep thought to those around you daily. Does anyone usually make you feel down, sad, or frustrated?

Keeping friends like that in your life is a surefire way to deplete your energy, day by day. So read on to see if someone you know is like one of the toxic types below. Then start detoxifying and be a happier version of yourself!

The hot-tempered

Hotheaded friends are scary!

This kind of friends are hot, and we don’t mean their bodies. They’re such hotheads that every little thing you say may piss them off. And what if they get angry? They may yell at you and show their anger for a long time afterwards. Which makes you feel like you’re a coward living next to a monster!

The narcissist

Narcissist friends only love everything about themselves.

This type of friends is the definition of selfishness. Everything about them is important and should be prioritized. And everything about you is, of course, trivial and shouldn’t even be mentioned. Then if you do something wrong to them, you’re doomed, because they may hate you for life.

The blamers

Blamers want to be the judges.

The name says it all. These friends blame and criticize you and make you feel like a defendant all the time. Especially when they’re the ones who make mistakes. Because they don’t want to feel guilty, so they want you to be a scapegoat.

The experts

“The experts” always know more than you do.

These friends believe that no one has wider knowledge than they do. Which means they’re always right and you’re always wrong. When you have a conversation with them, it always seems like they’re the teacher and you’re their student. These friends are not really toxic, but extremely annoying.

The gossipers

A gossiper won’t keep your secrets.

No secrets can be safe anymore once you tell this type of friends. They’ll tell everyone about everything you’ve said to them, and even some more. So be discreet, unless you want to be the talk of the town.

The back-stabbers

Back-stabbers hurt you when you don’t see them.

You have to be really careful because this is a dangerous type of friends. They can be sweet when talking with you then can badmouth you the second you leave. What they say or do behind your back is unpredictable, so you’d better not trust them with anything.

The unkind

Unkind friends never care.

Everyone needs and loves some kindness. Unkind friends don’t just treat you badly, they could also hurt you any moment. Because they don’t care about anyone’s feelings, why should they care about yours?

The envious

An envious friend doesn’t feel good, ever.

Good friends celebrate with you when you succeed. Envious friends don’t, of course. They always want to one-up you, and they seem to have the feeling that your gain is their loss. So they get annoyed by your success and even make you feel guilty for it.

The controlling

Controlling friends treat you like a puppet.

This type of friends want to have power over you. They decide who you should be friends with (often no-one!) and what you should do etc. Sometimes, they go as far as to set the rules for everything in your life. You feel like a prisoner when being with a friend like that.

The haters

Haters hate everyone, including you.

The haters are really harmful because they don’t like anything or anyone, and they want you to have the same attitude. The dangerous thing is that they may turn you into the same person as they’re and you’ll start hating the whole world.

The ungrateful

Ungrateful people always end up alone.

These friends take you for granted. They don’t appreciate what you’ve done and never try to make up with you if there’s some trouble in your friendship. They may be self-absorbed and disloyal, uncaring and arrogant. This kind shouldn’t be friends with anybody, at least until they know what gratitude is.


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