2018 Hot Fitness Trends To Have A Perfect Body

Kanchana Ngan |Dec 11, 2018

Exercising is always under great concern when keeping fitness. Following are 7 popular types of training which hit the headlines in 2018.

Fitness trends have observed a considerable increase in both quantity and quality in 2018. Not only do fitness enthusiasts exercise the traditional methods, but they also experience some new yet highly effective ones. As the year-ending is coming close, fitness experts Sapna Khanna and Puranjay Jadeja shared a list of 7 most popular workout trends that hit the headlines during the year.

1- Bodyweight training

fitness - bodyweight

It is among the most common types of training due to its convenience when requiring no equipment and being available anytime anywhere. Should you have spare time, it can be done right at parks, at home, or even at your workplace. The idea of bodyweight fitness is based on strength training which uses the individual's own weight to provide resistance against gravity. Therefore, exercisers can obtain cardiovascular and muscular benefits at the same time. Movements such as pushing up, sitting up are some bodyweight exercises that almost everybody acknowledges.

2- BOSU ball workout

fitness - bosu ball

This practice of keeping fitness is quite new, yet it has gained great popularity across the nation. A BOSU ball has a flat surface on one side and a rubber dome on the other, which makes it look like an unstable seesaw. Consequently, the seem-to-be simple workout of staying balanced on the equipment may be a hard nut to crack. However, thanks to this exercise, the body's balance, flexibility, etc., can be significantly improved.

3- Suspension training

fitness - suspension

This may be an unfamiliar term to hear as it has just gained recognition this year. Suspension training uses a system of ropes and webbing called a "suspension trainer" to help users work against their own body weight. The type of training barely require much space, yet compound and complex movements can still be performed. Regular fitness enthusiasts can improve their physical health, balance, flexibility, and joint stability after practicing.

4- Obstacle course training

fitness - ostacle

There has been a remarkable rise in popularity of action TV shows such as American Ninja Warrior. Based on that idea, India has made its own exciting obstacle running series named Devils Circuit. Along with the show's increasing fame, the type of obstacle course training also finds its position among fitness lovers. Experts have claimed that completing an obstacle gives you a sense of accomplishment, therefore, makes you mentally strong. Should you desire to be in good shape, build endurance, improve balance and coordination,, these exercises are highly recommended.

5- Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing

While the practice of MMA and boxing to remain fitness has been performed around the world for such a long time, it is not until the year of 2018 that it becomes recognized in India. However, as soon as it appeared, MMA and boxing have stolen the spotlight when being chosen by numerous fitness enthusiasts, including celebrities. This spread owes its reason to MMA and boxing's various benefits, namely core muscles and stamina building, and weight loss promotion.

6- HIIT (high-intensity interval training)

It can be inferred from the training type's name that the required intensity is no joke. The form of training exercises short periods of intense anaerobic workout until exhaustion, which is then followed by intervals for recovery before continuing. The advantages it offers are varied, from fastening the process of muscle building, improving heart strength and oxygen circulation, to increasing stamina and saving time. Exercises typically last under 30 minutes, with times varying based on a participant's current fitness level.

7- Dance workout 

fitness - dance
If you are not a fan of heavy training yet still wish to be good shape, dance workout classes such as Zumba are your perfect choices. Fast paced Zumba is a fat killer and a calorie burner. Moreover, due to the combination of exercises and music, dance workout is such an exciting and enjoyable practice. Besides keeping fitness, you can be full of beans, enjoying every movement, socializing and making new friends.


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