Steal These Fashion Hacks From Celebs And You’ll Never Have A Style Disaster Again! (Part 1)

Kimmy Karima |Aug 16, 2019

Celebs must maintain their good looks most of the time, so they, and their stylists, do have some fashion tips. The great thing is that we can all learn from them!

Talking about fashion hacks, those who we should learn most from must be the stars. For the best red-carpet looks, they have many tips and tricks that may surprise even the fashion-smartest people among us. The more important thing is that those tips don’t ask you to spend a lot of money, but you can take advantage of the most common things in your daily life. Below are the most helpful tips of all!

Use a sponge to remove deodorant marks

Deodorant Mark
White deodorant streaks can be embarrassing.

Deodorant helps eliminate your underarm odor, but it can leave white marks on your shirts, which could be a little embarrassing! Fortunately, the solution is a simple sponge. You can scrub one on the white marks to remove them.

There are deodorant-removing sponges on the market too, but if you can’t buy one, use nylon socks or dryer sheets. Scrub a nylon sock or a dryer sheet over a deodorant streak - hard - and it’ll be gone, according to stylist Jenny Rodriguez.

Use gaffer tape to lift your breasts

Kim Kardashian Truco 1
Here's how Kim Kardashian uses gaffer tape./ Photo: Instagram.

Stick gaffer tape to your boobs? Sounds weird, but this is a nice tip that even Kim Kardashian recommends. A long and wide band of gaffer tape going from your breasts to your shoulders would pull the breasts up and create sexy cleavage. Just remember to choose the soft and not-too-sticky tape so it won’t be a pain when you take it out.

Use sandpaper on the bottoms of the shoes

Jasmine Caccamo
Stylist Jasmine Caccamo, who usually uses sandpapers for clients' shoes.

Fear that you’ll slip and fall when you wear certain kinds of shoes or walk on certain types of floors? So, scrub sandpaper on the bottoms of the shoes, and they will become less slippery. Jasmine Caccamo, a wardrobe stylist, said she used this tip frequently, so her clients avoid falling on red carpets.

Use soap on a stuck zipper

Soap For Stuck Zipper
Soap is for stuck zippers.

The stuck zipper is one of the most annoying experiences, especially when you’re in a hurry. And this can happen so suddenly, no matter how new your clothes are. So, try to keep calm (because the more you’re angry and the harder you pull the zipper, the worse it may become).

Then, put some soap on it. Soap greases the zipper and helps it go up (or down) smoothly. You can also use wax or a banana peel, which are both inexpensive, instead of soap.

Use the flashlight on your phone camera BEFORE going to an important event

Penny Lancaster
Penny Lancaster's outfit became transparent under flashlights.

Many celebrities regret their choices of dresses when they see their photos on the Internet. They are surprised that their carefully-chosen outfits become ridiculously see-through. That’s because some dresses look perfect if we see them with our naked eyes. But under the dazzling light of (many) flashes, they become transparent and may embarrass those who wear them.

Use lip balm to smooth your hair

Lipbalm For Flyaways
Apply some lip balm on stray strands of hair./Photo: Getty Images.

Lip balm is not just for your lips, but it’s also a quick and fantastic solution to stubborn hair. Apply some on the strands of hair that keep sticking out, and they’ll be smooth right away. But don’t overuse it anyway, because you don’t want your hair to look greasy and heavy, do you?

Use toothpaste on leather shoes

Toothpaste can give your leather boots a nice shine.

Putting some toothpaste on a towel and rubbing it on your leather shoes will make them clean and shine, especially when you haven’t worn them in a long time and they have some stains or the leather becomes dull. There – you have new-looking shoes without paying any money.

To be continued...


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