7 Ways To Feel Comfortable In Your Swimsuit, With No Body Changes

Kimmy Karima |Jul 20, 2019

Some people wait all year for summer so they can don their swimsuits. Some are quite the contrary: thinking of swimsuits gives them a big amount of anxiety.

Are you confident in your swimsuit? If you're not, well, there are many people like you, honestly! That’s why swimming season may also bring along frustration and even depression to some. If you belong to that group, then worry no more. We have tips, or more precisely, mind tricks, for you to remove your mental burden, without removing any kilos of your weight (yet).

Follow similar people on social platforms

Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole is an influencer on Instagram, who is proud of her plus-size body.

The photos people post on their social networks may fill you up with envy because everyone looks so gorgeous. Although you know those photos may have been edited, you still feel a bit sad about your own body. So, what about following people that don’t mind showing their imperfections? And while you’re at it, just unfollow those that don’t make you feel good in any way.

Choose what you want, what you really, really want!

what you like
Put on whichever swimsuit you like best.

You don’t ever have to chase the trends. Among dozens, or hundreds, of kinds of swimsuits, just listen to your heart and choose what you like best. Once you find one that you feel comfortable in, buy it, no matter how “old-fashioned” you think it is. Your outfit is for yourself to feel great, not for others to judge, right?

Go out with friends who make you feel amazing about yourself

Best friends make you feel good about yourself.

When you go swimming, whether at the beach or a swimming pool, you should go with those who care about your feelings and well-being. Stay away from friends who tease and mock, or judge and criticize. Or if you can, go with those whose shapes are not perfect either but never feel bad about that.

Think positive

Think positive
Your body shape shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying the summer.

Anxiety strips you of your happiness. It adds nothing to your life but sadness. So, focus on the best aspects of donning a swimsuit and going to the pool/beach. For example, having fun with your friends, practicing self-confidence and enjoying your life. British model Iskra Lawrence once said that she wouldn’t let “my body hold me back from enjoying myself and living life to its fullest - especially at the beach”. She wouldn't, so why would you?

Get moving, shed some sweat

Get moving
A workout session will improve everything.

Some workout sessions can always improve your mood, though they may not improve your body (yet). So, start some kind of exercise today. You can choose whatever you like, from yoga to jogging, or playing tennis. The important thing is that you stay active regularly. It’ll do wonder for your health, both physically and mentally. And before you know it, your body may change for the better too.

Practice self-care before a swimming session

Self-care should always be your priority.

A little self-care can boost your self-confidence. So do something for yourself, like having a massage or applying your favorite fragrance before you go swimming. This tender loving care will make you smile and you’ll certainly feel better instantly.

Just go on with your life, because, why not?

Live it
Just live your life!

If you wait until you have something, like perfect body shape, before starting to love your life, then you’ll wait forever. Even the richest or the most beautiful or the most successful have their own flaws or nervousness. So every time you feel down (which everyone does from time to time, without exceptions), just take a deep breath and tell yourself that life is (still) good. While you may not be 100% satisfied with your body shape, think about all of your good things, like your health, your smooth skin, your friends, your supportive family, and of course, the coming swimming session. Just a little flaw shouldn’t disturb you that much, should it?

Haven’t you felt better about your body and your whole life yet? Go out and enjoy the swimming season before summer is over, won’t you?


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