A Telltale Sign Of The Pregnancy Of Meghan Markle

Author |Sep 03, 2018

If Meghan gets the chop suddenly, should it mean the Duchess of Sussex is pregnant?

The royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is done and dusted and a royal baby’s arrival is about to be the sweet result of the royal couple’s fairytale romance in the eyes of most people.

As was the case with the pregnancies of Kate Middleton, they will inform the public officially only when it happens. However, there may be a telltale sign that the Duchess is expecting way before an official announcement from the Royal. It kicks off with the Duchess of Sussex’s hair. Meghan Markle Pregnancy Signs - Women's Health UK

Meghan has a naturally curly hair

Meghan owns naturally curly hair, she inherits it due to the mixed race between her Caucasian father and her African American mother. She has never shown this off ever since being a public figure though. According to a video resurfaced online last December, she, at her 12 years old, expressing her objection to fighting sexism of an advert showed her natural curls. Maxresdefault 2 7 years ago, Meghan, in an interview, revealed that her mother is black and her father is Dutch and Irish, hence her hair’s texture is densely curly. She then added that she has been getting chemically straightened hair with Brazillian blowouts for a few years. However, she has changed nothing in her hairstyle since then.

The advice from experts

Dr Joyce Ameh from Cosmetic GP Clinic told Cosmopolitan UK that the hair’s texture is likely to change during pregnancy and gave the advice to avoid chemicals when pregnant, indeed the first trimester.

If the royal family is likely to follow the advice, the public will see Meghan Markle wearing her naturally curly hair down the line. It would be a relatively big clue that she is expecting.

According to an award-winning hair stylist major in natural hair, Charlotte Mensah shared with the Cosmopolitan UK that going natural when pregnant is the optimal thing every woman should do for their hair as well as scalp.

The hairstylist further added that the most common way afro hair women style their hair during pregnancy to keep it natural is to have a haircut. Therefore, if Meghan gets the chop suddenly, should it mean the Duchess of Sussex is pregnant?


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