7 Ways A Husband Can Restore Emotional Intimacy In His Marriage

Bindhiya Nhi |Aug 09, 2019

If your marriage seems to be lacking in emotional intimacy, do not panic. Here are 7 ways to solve it and become a good husband.

Emotional intimacy plays a vital role in every marriage. When both partners manage to understand each other at a deep level, they can grow their love well due to their strong spiritual bonds. If the feelings have faded away, a marriage is on the rocks.

As a husband, every man needs to work hard to preserve emotional intimacy. It might require tough work and close attention, but it just worth the effort. Scroll down for 7 easy ways for a man to restore emotional intimacy in his marriage.

Shut Down Electronics

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Social media's notifications might be entertaining, but nothing can compare to real human interaction. A moment that should have been spent nicely together is replaced by each of you scrolling down your phone, which often leads to a conflict.

When you are with your wife, try shutting down your tablet, muting your phone and turning off other electronic devices. You should only focus on what she says and makes eye-contact with her.

Spend More Quality Time Together

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After long hours of work, both of you have to take care of your children at home. It might be difficult to spend quality time together as a couple.

If you have limited time, learn how to make the most of the time you do have together. Both need to set goals to do something without the kids. Some great ideas for quality time are going on a date night, enjoying a cup of tea or doing grocery shopping together.

Stop Attacking Her Emotionally

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It is very common for women to feel more insecure in a marriage than men. After all these years, a good husband knows what hurts his wife most. Making your wife feel safe and secure should be your top priority.

You might emotionally attack her sometimes because you are angry or stressed. Try to get rid of these bad habits because it will sabotage your relationship.

Reading The Same Book

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Communication is the key to a happy marriage. Reading the same book together is one of the best ways to avoid communication breakdown with your partner.

There are many great books on the shelf, but make sure that you should choose one that about a common interest. When both of you read and discuss together, it increases emotional intimacy.

Creating A Balance Between Marriage and Self-care

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Each one has a personal life, including hobbies, work, and other relationships. When both come together for a marriage, it does not mean that one should sacrifice his or her own needs.

You know that you need some alone time to take good care of yourself, and your wife also needs it as much as you do. Try to give each other some space, and later come back again as a trusting couple.

Listing Down Fun Things To Do Together

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Many happy couples can keep their flames alive over many years because they spend time spicing up their boring marriage life. Both of you should sit down and list down several fun things to do as a couple.

It can be what you have never tried or simply what you want to experience again with your wife. Try going on an unexpected trip, eating at a new local restaurant or drinking at a rooftop bar with a skyline view.

Seeking Help When Needed

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If both of you cannot solve several problems in your marriage life, you might want to seek help from a professional family therapist. These therapists are trained to deal specifically with marriage and family issues, so they know how to give you the best advice.

Every marriage has its ups and downs. You may have hurt each other and grown apart, but what matters is that you choose to grow closer through those challenges.


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