7 Best Boozers In Lower Parel For The Best Stress-Relieving Experience

Salena Harshini |Jun 26, 2019

Looking for a place to get rid of all the pressure throughout a lifetime-long week? We have made a list of the most amazing bars in Lower Parel for you!

Post seven days of trudging your back off in your work, loosening up turns out to be practically indispensable in keeping up your rational soundness. And, a standout amongst the most generally agreed-on ways to chill and unwind is to visit a bar with your work pals, or friends and family members, appreciate the music there and drink all the distresses away.

Looking for a place to get rid of all the pressure throughout a lifetime-long week? We have made a list of 7 best boozers for you to try in Lower Parel:


1. London Taxi

Being a unique gastro bar decorated in real London ambiance, London Taxi is well organized and managed in respect of large groups. Located at Kamala Mills, the bar possesses multi floors including a ground floor which has a lounge, the first floor where you can have fine dining and a rooftop.

The bar menu has been set with toothsome London-inspired and global cuisine served with knockout drinks and hang-over cocktails, martinis, beer, and G&Ts.

2. Lord of the Drinks

On a par with its name, this pub is renowned for the top-class drinks with superb taste and exceptional cutlery. The interior design is polished yet convivial, including the signature long bar counter, dim lights, wooden tables, and comfy sofas, ensuring you a perfect experience.

Also lies in Kamala Mills, Lord of the Drinks is easily reachable when your need comes out of the blue.

3. Todi Mill Social

All time and anytime, be it in any of the areas, Social is equally suitable to be a collaborative workspace, a hub for designers and artists; and the best spot to grab a drink with your friends watching your favorite team on the screen at night.

In the day time, it is a lot more tranquil than night time when they welcome the amazing gigs and play music loud for the crowd. The ambiance and menu are intriguing and everything from culinary to decoration articles draws from the old mill's heritage.

4. Tamasha

Tamasha is an outstanding place with a wonderful ambiance which pleases everyone’s mind. The restaurant is spread over gigantic carpet area and lightened up with small twinkling star-like yellow bulbs hanging on the ceiling, gives out an ethereal sensation.

Tamasha attracts its customers with the best-flavored food and a huge list of innovative cocktails.

5. The Irish House

If you are in need of a sense of coziness and an authentic Irish feel, The Irish House is nothing more than the best option you should go for.

With pastoral vibe, glittering beverage, fantastic music and lip-smacking cuisine, it shall be the flawless spot for hangout joints and super fun hangover.

6. Cafe Zoe

Cafe Zoe is a must visit for an unexpected taste in Mumbai. Their signature drinks and food won't let anyone down. Be it for a laid-back weekend lunch or a weekday dinner & drinks scene!

7. Asilo

After a long week of stressing out from work and the daily grind of life, it's time to reward yourself with the most bewitching and breathtaking scene from Asilo's rooftop.

It will not be a regret burning your pocket for this romantic rendezvous with exceptionally good gourmet food and the ever piquant drinks.

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