Don't Want To Sweat In The Gym? Try These 5 Fun Water Workouts This Summer!

Bindhiya Nhi |Mar 28, 2019

Going to the gym seems like a rough task in summer. However, you do not have to sweat heavily anymore with water workouts.

In summer days, going to the gym seems to be a rough task rather than a fun activity. The hot weather makes you sweat heavily, and you cannot help but dream of a beach vacation. However, it is necessary to work out regularly as it can keep you healthy and fit.

In fact, you do not need to work out in such a gym full of sweaty and smelly people. Besides swimming, water workouts are also fun and effective! From Aqua Aerobics to Aqua Zumba, water workouts become trendy in India nowadays. Let's scroll down to find out 5 water workouts that you should try this summer.

1. Aqua Aerobics

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When it comes to aerobics, it is difficult to feel bored. It is always fun and energetic! If you try performing aqua aerobics, you can definitely gain more benefits compared to traditional aerobics. You have to make movements underwater, burning more calories due to water resistance. In fact, this water workout can help you lose from 300 to 400 calories.

2. Aqua Zumba

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Zumba is already popular, but have you ever heard of Aqua Zumba? By performing dance moves in a swimming pool, aqua Zumba helps tone your muscles due to water resistance. Depending on the intensity of your workout, these challenging moves can burn from 500 to 600 calories in an hour. You just have to let loose underwater, and then you can achieve weight loss. Isn't it amazing?

3. Aqua yoga

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Cannot do yoga because of painful joints? Try Aqua yoga this summer. When it comes to water, you will definitely feel more flexible and relaxing. You can find yoga asanas and related exercises much easier when you are underwater.

4. Aqua spinning

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Aqua spinning is an indoor cycling class format that takes place in a swimming pool. It is proved to be effective,  especially for people with limited mobility or recovering from injury. With excellent riding experience, killer music and an instructor who keeps you motivated through the entire ride, there's no reason to say no!

5. Exercises with pool equipment

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You can do almost every regular exercises in the swimming pool. From planking, stretching to jumping, try using noodle or tube pools to get the best result underwater. However, remember to follow the guidance of a certified instructor as your safety should be a priority.


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