Love Guru: 10 Signs Which Tell That Your Partner Is A Narcissist

Mishka Saisha |Sep 18, 2019

Have you ever wondered that your lover is narcissistic or not? Or are you simply curious what will happen if you're dating a narcissist? Here are 10 signs for you to check who is your partner is. 

Have you ever wondered what your lover is narcissistic or not? Or are you curious what will happen if you're dating a narcissist? Here are ten signs for you to check who is your partner is.

Being Super Nice At First

Narcissists tend to be gentle with you and make you feel admired within the first month. It’s called love bombing that overwhelms you with adoration to hook you up. And all these sweeties will change after a month or when you fall in love with them.


Leading The Conversation

They usually prefer talking about their accomplishments to listening to yours as well as often exaggerate their stories to impress others. Furthermore, narcissists always think they are the best, so definitely you will be the “lower” person in a conversation with them. That explains why the conversation is usually controlled by them.


Needing Your Compliments

Narcissists will typically seek praise from others to avoid feeling that they’re not as good as they think. Because they need your confirmation of worthiness, they will continuously keep exaggerating themselves. And they tend to feed off compliments from people who are highly empathetic since these guys are always willing to provide it.


Being Unempathetic

Since narcissists don’t listen to your stories, they obviously don’t question about your feelings as well. Furthermore, they often expect you to think and feel the same way as them. Because of that, they lack empathy and rarely say apology or being remorseful for their faults. Consequently, they tend to blame you since you if you don’t follow what they think or you make them feel vulnerable.

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Not Having Real Friends

If you dig deeper into one’s connections and find out they don’t have any real long-term friends, they might be narcissistic. There are many explanations for this, but the most important is narcissists only have casual acquaintances who they can easily feed off compliments.


Attempting To Dominate You

As well as don’t have any real friends, another common sign of a narcissist is they are usually unhappy when you hang out with friends. If your partner tells you that they don’t like your friends, they’re not comfortable when you’re out, or they complain that you spend more time with friends than them, you should look back your relationship. Because your lover might be attempting to dominate you.


Lowering Your Self-esteem

As mentioned above, narcissists tend to lift themselves. And because they’re different from truly confident people, they need to put others down for their lack of self-confidence. The only reason for that is to make them feel more powerful than you. Since then, they can easily affect your life.


Gaslighting You

If a narcissist picks on you enough, they might manipulate and bully your emotion. It’s very worst because of its mental damage. Hence, you must carefully notice this sign in your partner. Whenever they call you ugly/boring/useless/fatty and then say you stupid for getting upset for it, they’re definitely narcissistic.


Never Accepting Their Faults

All mentioned signs have given you a clue that narcissists always view themselves as perfect people who can show you the right things. If your partner refuses to take responsibility for problems which they were part of, or simply they rarely acknowledge and apologise for their faults, they might be narcissistic.


Lashing Out If You Leave Them


Do you know the worst thing happens if you leave a narcissist? They will blame you for abandoning them then might bad mouth you to others. Some narcissists even make their exes lose their job, which is the worst case of revenge. This might make you scared, but unfortunately, it’s a true story from real experiences.


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