Avengers 4: Unlikely Character Will Hold Key To Defeat Thanos

Nagini Shree |Nov 27, 2018

According to a new Avengers 4 theory, Erik Selvig may be the unlikely key to defeat Thanos.

The final Avengers sequel has been triggering many speculations and theories on the Internet. According to a new theory on Reddit, Erik Selvig from Thor: The Dark World (2011) may be the unimaginable key to defeat the Mad Titan.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Dr Erik Selvig
Stellan Skarsgard is seen in Dr. Erik Selvig in Thor: The Dark World.

Having been controlled mentally by Loki,  Selvig held an immense amount of valuable information about the future in Thor: The Dark World. The post explained detailedly that the chalkboard used by Erik Selvig is actually a result of Mind Stone. However, the information he got access from the chalkboard did not help his mind, but also led to his notations.

The theory points out that the board may hint at “Phase Transit”, which was displayed in  Antman and The Wasp and 616 Universe, in which the main continuity of Marvel Comics takes place, hints at Erik’s foresight of all of the pertinent information that was about to unfold. Selvig knew about "The Snap," which wiped out half of the universe out of existence.

The theory also refers to “Fractal Gateways Connecting Mutipal Branes”, a part of the Selvig’s chalkboard which creates a magical and technological doorway connecting two distant locations by space-time. It is like an interdimensional travel through the quantum realm.

The redditor also dived into a suggestion involving with a Schrödinger’s cat, an experiment which tested a cat that may be alive and dead simultaneously. Therefore, the notion emerged that those who were wiped via Thanos’ Snap are not quite alive, but also not quite dead,  "50% of the universe turned into dust by Thanos's snap, not alive but not dead? Perhaps they transformed into the soul stone".


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