"Things Won't Change Unless People Make Effort," Julianne Moore On #MeToo Movement In Hollywood

Mina Muzumdar |Oct 31, 2019

'There's hasn't been a real shift,' Hollywood megastar Julianne Moore admits.

For a long time, Hollywood actress Julianne Moore has been vocal about thorny issues in the entertainment industry. And in a recent interview with, the actress opened up about #MeToo movement in Hollywood, admitting there hasn't been a real shift because people haven't really made an effort.

1aThe Oscar-winning actress passionately gave her opinion about #Metoo storm.

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When being asked for her thought on Time's Up Movements that has been trending recently, the 58-year-old star gave a piece of her mind, saying:

1The After the Wedding actress stated.

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Also in the interview, Julianne Moore who has been in an admirable relationship in Hollywood opened up about the key to a happy marriage. The actress claimed that she hasn't found any difficulty in her relationship as a global star and what lies behind her long-time romance is spending adequate time for her family. Moore explained.

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The Jurassic Park actress tied the knot with director Bart Freundlich in 2003, and they continue to be a shining example of a happy couple in the industry.


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