The new double blades sword of Thanos in the Avengers 4 - Latest information revealed

Jyotis |Oct 06, 2018

According to the earlier reveals, Thanos will return with a massive armour and a double blades sword

The final war in Avengers: Infinity War destroyed not only Thanos but also the Infinity Gauntlet of him. The movie buff is waiting for the new season to come. Recently, one user has revealed the weapon that Mad Titan will use in Avengers 4.

In the leaked picture, we can see a thick, flat sword equipped with the double sharp blades. Many Twitter users commented that this weapon looks like the helicopter blades. According to the earlier reveals, Thanos would return bravely in a massive armour. He will cooperate with the Avengers surviving after the former part to fight against the offender.

Besides Thanos, the new appearances of Captain America and Hulk are also the top interest of Avengers' fans.

The media also supposed that those who end Infinity War would be Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, Thor. They are superheroes who survived when Thanos snapped his finger and mass murder half of the world.  Reportedly, in this final season, they will gather and figure out a rescue plan to save heroes who killed by Thanos. According to backstage pictures, an unofficial storyline summary, and primary accounts show that the Avengers 4 will comprise time travel scenes and multidimensional spaces.

In Avengers 4, the legendary Quantum Realm of Ant-Man and the Wasp, the multidimensional travel of Doctor Strange will appear. This means that the Avengers this time will have more chances to rescue their world.

Avengers 4 must be the new adventures, new experiences for both the characters and the audiences. The director of Marvel Kevin Feige affirmed that the new series will include new factors and about 50% female Avengers.

However, while looking forward to the novel return of the Avengers, we can enjoy Captain Marvel in February 2019.

According to Feige, the production of the series Spider-Man: Far From Home will start after Avengers 4. Also, the Guardians of the Galaxy's is expected to be on screen before the dismissal of James Gunn, the familiar director of those series. Black Panther and Doctor Stranger will come back with more adventurous elements, Feige revealed.

Excitingly, the Avengers 4's release date will be April 26, 2019, in the UK. On May 3, 2019, the film on screen in the US. It's commonly rumoured that the Avengers 4's name will be 'Avengers: End Game'. However, there is no official confirmation of that until the end of 2018.


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