"The Little Mermaid" Halle Bailey: The Whole World Criticize But Why Disney Does Nothing?

Rose Advani |Sep 17, 2019

Disney does nothing to save “Little Mermaid” from the judgments of the whole world. What’s the main reason?

Disney leads in revealing the talented actresses. All Disney actresses are selected to play “Disney Princess” must get a good matching with the original version in the beauty and talents. Some of the successful names we can count on are Cinderella Lily James, Sleeping Beauty Elle Fanning, Princess Belle Emma Watson, Princess Jasmine Naomi Scott, Mulan Liu Yifei. However, The Little Mermaid Halle Bailey seems to be an exception.

The Little Mermaid Halle Bailey
"The Little Mermaid" Halle Bailey

The “disaster” appearance of this mermaid has caused controversies

In the first July, Disney has announced a new film that remakes the original The Little Mermaid film and the great filmmaker will choose the young actress Halle Bailey to cast the leading role as the princess Ariel in this remaking film.

The public immediately gives back serious responses in the comparison the appearance between Halle and the original version, it’s beyond the difference. There is nothing in common between the actress with Princess Ariel in the fairy tale of Andersen and the cartoon version, produced by Disney in 1989.

The Little Mermaid Halle Bailey
The paired picture shows the differences between Halle and the original version

The peak of the criticism came when the picture of the actress Halle Bailey paired with the original princess Ariel revealed on September 9. This collage photo has shown an absolute difference between the actress and the in-fairy-tale princess excepting the dress.

Halle owns the different appearance from Ariel - the little mermaid in the cartoon version. The response of the public is more and more serious, and Halle Baily has got more judgments.

Whether Disney got the wrong direction or the film producer uses “trick”

Did Disney know about the serious judgments about the leading role of this upcoming remake film or not? The answer must be “Yes”. Disney got all things clearer than anyone, but they ignore all criticizes and cures for their eventual target “promote” for the film.

Simply, there are more contrast ideas, the more controversies come, and the more stories will be discussed around the film. By this way, the film will get a natural viral, then spreading to anyone even who are not interested in this film must know about The Little Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid Halle Bailey
Our mermaid looks great in this outfit

Returning some tricks in the past, Disney performed lots of surprising tricks to promote for their films. Outstandingly, the story of Spider-man Tom Holland should be mentioned at first. As for reminding, Tom is called as “spoiled boy” because he “accidentally” revealed some of the details in his film before the first time at the cinema. And all the things the spiderman showed as catalysts to give us more curious and the revenue of this film will get higher.

The Little Mermaid Halle Bailey
Tom Holland is called a "spoiled boy"

Ironically, Tom Holland is a 23-year old man who cannot be a child to “accidentally” reveal something secret. Also, many people recognized that It was the trick of Disney because they had no idea in punishing him or took over his role after his reveals. This gave a theory that all the Spiderman’s words are arranged by a steering Disney behind.

Turning back with The Little Mermaid, Disney created a controversy around the appearance of Halle Bailey which drive the whole world crazy. There is a rumor that Disney deliberately publishes the worst pictures of Halle Bailey to increase more discussions around this actress and The Little Mermaid.

Whether this controversial is the trick of Disney or not. If it’s right, Disney had a worth-to-learn step that is just giving most of the profits without any failure.

With the revealed details from Tom Holland, The public get more curious about the Spider-man as well as fans will buy the ticket of The Little Mermaid immediately to check how Disney solves the issue of the leading role Halle Bailey. And that’s is the real target of this great filmmaker.

Is there any expectation for Halle Bailey?

Though getting lots of criticizes, Halle Bailey is one of the talented Disney princesses who owns the most beautiful singing voice. The director of The Little Mermaid Rob Marshall says that:

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid Halle Bailey
Halle Bailey stands out with her a glorious singing voice

That’s the main reason, the director Rob Marshall decides to choose Halle Baily, who owns a glorious singing voice, is similar to the mermaid Ariel despite her different appearance.

The Little Mermaid Halle Bailey
Halle Bailey and Sister Chloe hit "The Lion King" premiere

The public should be more generous with the young actress and put the trust on The Little Mermaid Halle Baily and she will shine by her talented acting skills and singing voice in The Little Mermaid, which is planned to cast in April 2020, and no information about the release date.


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