The Best Halloween Movies On Netflix For You To Have A True Scary Night

Shanaya Rishaan |Oct 30, 2019

If you want to stay at home and celebrate Halloween by yourself, then these best Halloween movies can be a great part of your scary Halloween party.

If you are the one you refuse to go out and play Trick or Treat on Halloween night, well, staying at home and watching horror movies could be a perfect option to consider. Here are the top ten best Halloween movies on Netflix, from the vintage to the modern kinds of horror films, for you to pick and enjoy.

The Conjuring

The Conjuring is a popular supernatural horror film and the inaugural movie of The Conjuring Universe media franchise. The film is about the family who faces many paranormal events as soon as they moved into a new farmhouse. Then, they had to call demonologists who investigated the house, reveals the dark story of it, and perform an exorcism to get the dark spirit evicted.

Boys in the Trees

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If a movie starts with a scene of teens walking through the woods, usually this does not lead to a bright and happy movie. Boys in the Trees follows the two teen boys who meet each other on Halloween night in 1997, and then spooky things start to happen.


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Well, dolls and the stories related to them are the most favorite features that scary-movie filmmakers as well as horror film fans love. So, if dolls are not one of your fears, you should not miss this 2018 movie, Sabrina. The film revolves around a dollmaker and his wife with their adopted daughter who plays Charlie’s Pencil to summon the spirit of her late mother. Then, the Sabrina doll starts to haunt the family and terrorized the wife.

Life After Beth

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If you are looking for a horror movie but still have amusing moments, Life After Beth should be included in your collection of Halloween movies. The story of this zombie-comedy is about the returns of Beth from her death which surprises her boyfriend, Zach who has left devastated after she passed away. However, after Beth coming back, Zach has figured out many unnatural things about his girlfriend and there are many people like her in their town.


This 1996 slasher film should be noted in the list of your Halloween movies. Scream follows the sequence of events revolving around a high school student girl named Sidney Prescott, who becomes the target of a serial murderer wearing Halloween costume, Ghostface.


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The plot of Insidious (2010) is similar to that of series Stranger Things, in which the parents are shocked when they find out that their son enters a comatose state and then becomes a vessel for ghosts in the astral world. After he comes back, his parents notice multiple abnormal events in their house and decide to call the demonologists.

Cult of Chucky

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The popular slasher movie with the theme of dolls is the Chucky series which you probably could not miss in this Halloween. Cult of Chucky is the seventh installment of the Child's Play franchise, and this time, Chucky returns to terrorize Nica, a victim of Chucky, who spent four years in a mental institution after being framed for the Chucky’s murders of her family.

Carrie (1976)

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This horror movie is one of the best Halloween movies of all time which is based on the same novel written by Stephen King which is about Carrie White, a girl owning supernatural powers and being a victim of bullying. Finally, her telekinetic powers are released after she was humiliated by her classmates at the senior prom.

The Witch

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In 1630 New England, a family blames the oldest daughter for the sudden disappearance of the youngest son. They start to think that their family is cursed by a witch and with the rise of suspicion and fear, they suspect the oldest girl of the witchcraft.

The Invitation

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A man receives an invitation to a dinner party from his ex-wife and when he reaches the party at his former house, he starts to believe that this woman and her husband have a sinister plan for their guests. This type of storyline is just one of the tropes that never get old which is totally suitable for your Halloween.


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