Avengers' Star Chris Evans angrily reacted after the speech of pro-Trump rapper Kanye West on SNL

Jyotis |Oct 05, 2018

The SNL (Saturday Night Live)'s season premiere has much attraction due to the pro-Trump speech of rapper Kanye West.

The SNL (Saturday Night Live)'s season premiere has much attraction due to the pro-Trump speech of rapper Kanye West. Before being on stage, the rapper has announced his new stage name quickly, from Kanye West to Ye. His name's change doesn't mean his point of view will also change. He's still a rapper who always defends President Donald Trump.

Kanye West on Saturday Night Live. Image via Twitter

Kanye West is delivering his pro-Trump speech on Saturday Night Live

Matt Damon opened the skit show with Brett Kavanaugh. He played a song in the melody of Thursday’s testimony. After the performance, the Senate Judiciary Committee started to claim about sexual harassment. Everything went smoothly until the appearance of Kanye. On his head is the “Make America Great Again” cap, Kanye began to deliver his pro-Trump speech without any script.

The speech of Kanye quickly went viral on social network.

"So many times I talk to a white person about this and they say, 'How could you like Trump? He's racist,'" Kanye expressed. "Well, if I concerned about racism, I would have moved out of America a long time ago."

The rapper also brought an accusation to the opposition Democratic Party for trying to make citizens depend on the welfare payments. Also, Ye showed his point of view of the re-election of Trump taking place in 2020.

The speech then received great applause but also lots of loud shout from NY audiences. On the official Twitter of Donald Trump, he posted that he was no longer watch the show. Recently, the original funny skit show has turned into one of the political advertising means of the Democratic Party.

On Kanye Twitter, he also quoted that his appearance in a MAGA cap represents for the flourish development of the USA. The country will never need foreign employees and never set up any factories or branches abroad. Building more factories in America and creating more job for the native is what the government will do. After invalidating the 13th amendment, the one who've sentenced to the prisons will gain more opportunities after release.

The speech of Ye received contrariwise debates including Chris Evans, main actor of the blockbuster Avengers. The star showed is angry when hearing the invalidation of the 13th amendment because the invalidation will illegalize slavery.

React to the quote of the rapper, the Avenger's star said that Kanye was not deserved to have speech while he doesn't have any knowledge about the US history. Evans claimed that Ye even hasn't read any related books and Ye's point of view was constructed.

After Chris Evans's quote, Kanye has edited his opinions, explained that what he truly wanted was an amendment, not abolishment.

The rapper has made his fans surprised when he, a novel celebrity in general, remarkable African Americans in particular, stand on the side of Donald Trump.


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