7 Hollywood Films Which Can Become Good Inspirations For Bollywood Remakes

Shanaya Rishaan |Oct 18, 2019

There are still many Hollywood movies potentially becoming good Hindi versions, and here are some films Bollywood directors could take into account.

The Fault In Our Stars, one of the most favourite Hollywood films, is going to be remade in a Bollywood version in which the protagonist is played by actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

Before this movie, there are many Bollywood remakes have been inspired by Hollywood films, such as Josh adapted from West Side Story, Baazigar adapted from A Kiss Before Dying, etc.

Moreover, there are still many Hollywood series or movies that are potentially become good Hindi versions, and here are some films that Bollywood directors could take into account.

The Fast and the Furious

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This is a famous action series that have all the features a typical Hindi movie needs, including action, romance, brotherhood, and comic relief.

La La Land

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La La Land is a successful romantic drama that will be a perfect match for a Bollywood movie because this one is made of good songs and dances and a romantic love story of the two young souls who are pursuing their dreams in Los Angeles.

The Hangover

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This American comedy series is about the trip of the three guys to celebrate the upcoming marriage of their friend, but finally, it turns out to be horribly wrong, which can inspire Bollywood filmmakers to successfully make a great Hindi version.


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Taken is one of the most successful Hollywood action series of thriller genre which describes the fight between a father and the kidnappers to find and save his daughter. Thus, this film is a potential one for a successful Bollywood remake.

The Pursuit of Happyness

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This Hollywood movie contains a heartwarming story between a father and his son and gives audiences a meaningful and beautiful message, all of which make an excellent film that Indians love to follow.

Gone Girl

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This one might not be successful in India due to its sexual elements, but its thriller plot can be a great inspiration for a good Hindi movie in an Indian context.

Ocean’s Eleven

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Bollywood filmmakers should consider this Hollywood film, as Ocean’s Eleven is a good heist movie. Moreover, if they remake this one, they can get a cast full of superstars who Indians love to see in their movie time.

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