On Deadpool Ryan Reynolds’ birthday, 10 Funny Two-line Jokes That Will Make You Burst Out Laughing

Author |Oct 23, 2018

On Ryan Reynolds' birthday, let's celebrate the occasion by check our 10 funniest tweets that will make your jaw drop laughing.

Ryan Reynolds, who has cemented his standing in Hollywood with comedy film celebrated his 42-years-old birthday today.

Even in his life and career, he had experienced a downturn, the tongue-in-cheek humour actor has risen to fame again after the massive success of Deadpool all around the world.

If on the silver screen Deadpool could make audiences to practically fall out of their seats laughing, the 'Dealpool in real life' also has very clever quips and incredibly funny, cheeky quotes.


From routinely making fun of his lovely wife to Avengers deal, Ryan Reynolds never disappoints the fans with his sense of humour. Let's cheer for our beloved actor birthday by checking out his funniest tweet.

How Ryan Reynolds replied to Ranveer Singh...

Rey A

Funny way to troll Hugh Jackman

Dea 1

"If my daughter proves she can take care of Fire Ants..."

Dea 2

I wish I could use a little "me time"

Dea 4

When my wife and I discovered we had a second daughter

Dea 5

Painting of Josh Brolin

Dea 6

From a guy who never knows when to quit... #Avengers

Dea 7

Happy birthday to Blake Lively by cropping her out of the picture

Dea 9

Even his daughter got trolled by her father

Dea 10

 Lastly, Happy birthday to our beloved Ryan ReynoldsDea 3


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