Oscar 2020: What Lies Inside The Gift Bag Costing $225,000?

Ankita Chetana |Feb 10, 2020

The gift box costing $225,000 will be delivered to 20 nominees in Oscar 2020. Besides, 5 candidates for the Best Director category will also receive a luxury reward.

Today, Oscar 2020 is taking place in Los Angeles – U.S.A in the evening of February 9th (local GMT). All the items inside the gift bag have been sponsored by Distinctive Assets marketing company (in L.A, U.S.A). Such boxes don’t get any relations to the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – the organizers of Oscar.

Oscar 2020 will witness the shining of several Asian movies

Founder of Distinctive Assets Lash Fary stated that these gift bags are the most luxurious things they have prepared in the past 18 years. So, what is inside the expensive and exciting bags?

According to a renowned source, inside the Oscar 2020 gift bag costing $225,000, the most lavish item is a couple of yacht tourism tickets within 12 days that takes the price up to $78,000. Furthermore, the receiver is going to have skin rejuvenation treatment which costs $20,000 and a package of match-making costing the same price.

The most luxurious gift of the bag is yacht tour in 12 days

In addition, 80 other extension items include clothes, gadgets, gilded pen of 24 carats in the way of Gatsby – Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in The Great Gatsby. Moreover, some other humane items have been also packed inside the gift bag such as a book of empowering young girls, hand sanitizers replacing shower nozzles made by the homeless amongst many others.

Items inside the gift bag of Oscar 2020

Lash Fary shared that this is a recognition for the stellar performances of the nominees on the screen. According to her, it is also an appreciation to who may not win the award of Oscar 2020 but have contributed wonderfully to the film industry throughout the year.

In preparation to give only 25 nominees, however, Lash Fary was warmly welcomed from the different brands as this is a good chance for them to connect with the A-listed stars. A business, a sale promotion or a connection between the products and global trendsetters are the driving forces for the sponsors.


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