Nicolas Cage: 'Ghost Rider' could be hit today

Author |Sep 14, 2018

Actor Nicolas Cage believes that his 2007 superhero film "Ghost Rider" would have been a hit if it was made and released in the present era.

Actor Nicolas Cage had an interview with Yahoo Entertainment. He talked about R-rated film "Ghost Rider". The actor called the film "enormously successful" nowadays.

Nicolas Cage said that: "'Ghost Rider' had been produced in R-rated format, the progress they had the audacity to work on 'Deadpool' before. And now they did it once again. I'm moderately sure that this movie will be enormously successful".

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Consequent to its launching, the critics panned Nicolas Cage's movie, and it earned 115 million USD in America against 110 million USD budget. However, he insists that the 2007 version and its 2012 follow-up tittled "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" earned more on ticket office run.

Nicolas Cage told Yahoo Entertainment: "I still believe the films were hits. Audiences don't see the secondary outlets, such as streaming, DVD or whatnot. When you observe what Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine did on 'Spirit of Vengeance' for 50 million USD, and know that they got a 250 million USD return, you will inderstand the wisdom of the follow-up".

Nicolas Cage also confirmed that the movies never endorsed any ticket office success. He said: "The thing is it's very difficult to take children's family to a movie. And they also made a PG-13 film bout a superhero. That superhero, by the way, also sell his spirit to Satan by chance"

Then he added: "That's not the most profitable vehicle or concept. However it's the most interesting certainly, and also the most stimulating. I believe that if you think of the movies nowadays, you will see they develop very well".


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