BREAKING: "Glee" Actress Went Missing, 4-Year-Old Son Found Alone On A Boat

Salena Harshini |Jul 09, 2020

Famous "Glee" actress Naya Rivera vanishes on her boat trip while her son was found along on their rented boat.

Today, reports have been rife that authorities are on the high search for the famous Glee actress Naya Rivera after there came the information that she went missing at Lake Piru. What worth mentioning is while Rivera is nowhere to be seen, her 4-year-old son was lying alone on a boat on the lake.

As per the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, the actress rented a pontoon around 1 p.m on Wednesday for her and her son to take out onto the lake.

Naya Rivera
The famous "Glee" actress is nowhere to be found on her boat trip with son

Three hours later, the staff found out that there was a child wearing a life vest and alone on a boat. This person has quickly informed the authorities to start searching for Naya Rivera using drones, helicopters, and divers.

The kid was informed to be unharmed. He told the investigators that his mother and he were swimming, but she never came back to the boat.

Furthermore, it was also not clear immediately how the 4-year-old child returned into the pontoon boat.

The area where her son was found alone
Naya 1
Authorities are searching for the actress at Lake Piru

Captain of the sheriff’s department, Eric Buschow, said that there were many challenges in a lake of this size, plus the visibility.

“I don’t have details yet as to the depth of the area where the boat was found or what conditions they’re encountering out there,” he said.

The vehicle on which Naya Rivera along with her son traveled to the reservoir was not seen in the scene although their rented boat remained in the water.

Naya 3
Rivera never returned to her boat

Authorities were working to help the kid reunite with his family members on Wednesday evening.

Previously, on Tuesday, Naya Rivera was seen sharing a picture of herself and her son on Twitter and Instagram, captioning it with a note, “just the two of us”. Meanwhile, Fox23 has had a concerning title, implying that Rivera may not be alive.


Naya Rivera was born in 1987. The Latina actress is best known for her role as Santana Lopez on the cult series Glee. She used to be a model before becoming an actress. She dated rapper Big Sean and got married to Ryan Dorsey in 2014.

She gave birth to their son Josey Hollis Dorsey in 2015, but then the couple got divorced in 2017. After the divorce news came out, Naya Rivera was embroidered in a serial of controversies and lawsuits regarding the allegation of her abusing her ex-spouse.

Naya 2
The Latina actress is a gorgeous woman
Naya 2
She is best known for her role in the cult music series "Glee"

Right now, many people are leaving their messages on her Instagram, hoping that she is well and alive. Let’s hope that the actress will be found hale and hearty soon.


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