Mila Jovovich and Tom Hughes Cast In Movie “Corto Maltese” As Leads

ThuDH |Nov 01, 2018

Mila Jovovich and Tom Hughes will star in the swashbuckler movie “Corto Maltese”

According to Variety, Mila Jovovich and Tom Hughes will star in the swashbuckler movie “Corto Maltese”. The film will be directed by Christophe Gans, the well-known French director. Christophe Gans is famous for movies such as “Beauty and the Beast,” “Silent Hill” and “Brotherhood of the Wolf”. Samuel Hadida will be the producer of this film. Corto Maltese will start filming in January 2019 in two countries, China and Europe.

It is expected that Corto Maltese will be a potential mass-appeal franchise starter like “Indiana Jones,” “Sherlock Holmes” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchises. Based on the story of an adventurous sailor, the film tells the story about Corto Maltese, who is employed by an insurrectionist group from China to take over the train of Russian Monarch Craz Nicholas II.  This train transports Russian Monarch’s gold to Vladivostok. Corto Maltese has to use his skills to take this invaluable treasure.

Besides, James Thierrée as Corto’s sidekick, Rasputin, and Mark Dacascos also cast for the film. ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ star Michelle Yeoh is also offered a role.

When asked about the reason why he decided to make this film, Christophe Gans said that he has always dreamed of doing this film since he was just a little kid. He already read Corto Maltese comic and hoped that one day he could bring it to the big screen.

Talking about choosing Tom Hughes to play the role of  Corto Maltese, Christophe Gans expressed that he could not think of any actors, who were better than Tom Hughes to play the adventurous Corto. According to Christophe, he has seen some Tom Hughes' films and admitted  that Tom Hughes is "one of Britain’s truly top actors.”

Besides, Samuel Hadida also explained why he chooses Milla Jovovich to play along with  Tom Hughes in the new film. In his statement, the producer said that he has known Milla for a long time since he took part in producing the Resident Evil series film. According to Samuel, after he and Christophe met Milla, she "immediately found her vision to play this role " and they are persuaded that she is the best choice for this role.

Mila Jovovich is a Ukrainian actress, model and singer. She is best known for playing in the Resident Evil action movie series as a zombie hunter. Tom Hughes is an English actor who is most known for his role as Prince Albert in the ITV drama Victoria and as Joe Lambe, the lead role in the 2014 BBC Cold War drama The Game.


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