Everything To Know About Lionel Richie's Son Miles, Who Was Arrested By Police At Heathrow Airport

Maanyata Thu |Jan 23, 2019

From having a close relationship with Michael Jackson’s daughter, to having Kylie’s initials tattooed on him to the current alleged incident,here is everything to know about Miles Brockman Richie

Lionel Richie’s son, Miles Brockman Richie, who has recently hit the headlines as he was arrested for being accused of threatening to detonate a bomb at Heathrow Airport on Saturday morning.

TMZ reported that Miles got angry after being told he couldn’t get onto the flight and he claimed to detonate one bomb in his bag if he wasn’t allowed on the plane. He then got into a fight with the security guards and punched one of the guards before being arrested by the police.

Miles and Lionel Richie.

Representatives for Lionel Richie and Miles Richie have not given any comment yet.

Screenshot 38 , the Metropolitan Police told PEOPLE, rejecting to identify Miles as the one who got involved in this incident.

According to gov.uk, caution isn’t one criminal conviction, and it’s the same as a warning for low-level crimes. After Miles accepted the caution, he was released. However, it’s unclear why Miles initially was denied onto the plane.

From having a close relationship with Michael Jackson’s daughter to having Kylie’s initials tattooed on him to the current alleged incident, below is everything you need to know about Lionel’s son.

Diana Alexander is his mother

Sofia and Miles’ mom is Diane, who starred in Lionel’s MV for the 1986 song named Dancing on the Ceiling and became his second wife. Lionel Richie was also rumoured to be in a romantic relationship with Diane before he divorced Brenda Harvey in 1993.

Lionel Richie and Diane Alexander tied the knot in 1995. Their marriage ended in 2003. The 24-year-old son called himself “mama’s boy” in an interview in 2018.


Miles is a model

According to W Magazine, Miles is recently signed to a leading agency named Wilhelmina and made his runway debut at Philipp Plein's New York Fashion Week show last year, which was also graced by other celebrities such as Irina Shayk, Cordell Broadus, and Christian Combs.

In an interview, Miles claimed that he wanted to create his own identity.

Screenshot 39

Miles has a close relationship with Paris Jackson

Miles often mentions Paris Jackson who currently undergoing medical treatment for his emotional and physical health - as his “god sis” on the social networking as her dad, Michael Jackson, is Sofia’s godfather. Miles recently shared a picture of himself with Paris Jackson and Jeremy Scott on his Instagram.

Miles has Kylie Jenner’s initials tattooed on him

Kylie and Miles’ notorious tattoo controversy happened in 2014 when a video clip showing the reality star is bending down to tattoo her initials on Miles’ hand. According to the LA County Dept of Public Health, only people over eighteen years old are able to give tattoos or participate in the process, and Kylie is only sixteen years old at that time.

TMZ reported that Kylie was with sister Khloé Kardashian and French Montana at a recording studio in Hollywood and Miles was getting ink from John Petro. Kylie decided that she wanted to help out by wearing gloves and leaving her initials (under John’s guidance) on Miles’ hand.

In June 2014, rumors were riffed that Kylie and Miles might be dating after being seen cozying up to each other in his car. The two also attended Coachella with Kendall Jenner in the same year.


Miles spends over 150 hours of tattooing

Apart from Kylie’s initials, Lionel’s son also tattooed names of his father, mother, and sister in various places on his body.

Screenshot 41

Miles is a boxing fan

Screenshot 40

He also revealed that Anthony Joshua was his favorite boxer.


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