Let's Find Out What Will Happen In The Leaked Trailer Of Avenger 4

Author |Oct 19, 2018

New Avenger 4 trailer has just been leaked by a Redditor. Let's find out what will happen to Team Avenger in the upcoming movie.

After the enormous success of Avenger: Infinity War, Avenger 4 trailer is as highly expected as the movie itself. Marvel fans around the world are looking forward to the movie trailer every single day.

They keep wondering what date the trailer will release, what its plot is and who will appear. And they do not have to wait too long now because a Redditor had leaked Avenger 4’s trailer.

This is also the one who had spoken that Red Skull would become a part of Avenger: Infinity. The Redditor revealed Thano’s new sword and some scenes of the Avenger members.

However, he also emphasized that this is not the final trailer and it is mainly based on some cutscenes. So, he thinks that the production team may edit those scenes by adding more special effects later. That’s why Marvel fans still have to wait for the official trailer to know what will really happen.

Avenger 4 leaked trailer starts with the appearance of Thanos, who is realizing that he has not achieved what he wants. There is also a scene of Iron Man and he is talking to a mystery person. The Redditor’s unknown person can be Aunt May. After that, the leaked trailer continues with the appearance of Iron Man.

The trailer may mention that Ant Man may now wander somewhere in Quantum Realm while Captain America and Barner are in Wakanda. Three other members, Mbaku, Okoye and Shuri, express their determination that this is also their own fight.

Besides, this trailer also mentioned Thor, who is looking for someone's assistance to defeat Thanos. Captain Marvel also made her first appearance in this leaked trailer.

Another trailer of Avenger 4 leaked a few days ago was also about the reunion of Iron Man and Captain America but this trailer is totally different. This one showed the return of Team Avengers in the Battle in New York. However, through the appearance of Ant Man in the latest leak, we can guess that the quantum realm might play a crucial role.

The duo Joe and Anthony Russo will be directors of Avenger 4 and this film is anticipated to come out in 2019. Most Marvel fans expect that there will be time travel factor in the new film. This may stop Thanos’ power that wiped out half of the population in the world.


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