#LeavingNeverland: Fans From All Around The World Voices Their Support To Michael Jackson

Mina Muzumdar |Mar 11, 2019

‘Leaving Neverland’ has spearheaded a controversy between HBO and legend singer Michael Jackson’s fan from all around the world.

Has been making noise ever since the first day of release, HBO latest documentary about the King of Pop Michael Jackson’s life has received mixed opinions from the audience. The 4-hour and two-part film were released precisely ten years after the sudden death of the legendary singer.

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Michael Jackson’s child molestation case sank into oblivion as he was proved innocent due to accusations of incompetence a few years ago. HBO, however, once again brings into life the hidden story and sparks outrage among Michael Jackson’s fan. Days before, many radio stations around the world ban Michae Jackson’s songs after Leaving Neverland was premiered.

In the wake of accusation of child sexual abuse and a trend to boycott the King of Pop, Michael Jackson still finds support from his fans all around the world. And here what they have said in defence of the singer.

"So this right here. This is unfair. It is unfair that someone who is dead. Who CANNOT Speak for themselves is now suddenly being spoken for and allegations are being thrown around. Whether these allegations are true or not he's still dead. He cannot be fairly tried therefore this shouldn't happen. Also - his music isn't to do with anything he did so we should still be able to listen to it. Because lets be fair he was an amazing performer and singer. Btw - if these allegations are true (which we will never know) I am NOT Condoning them," a fan wrote.

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