Kim Kardashian Reclines On Top Of A Table In The White House During Her Visit

Nalini Suri |Jun 25, 2019

Recently, Kim Kardashian had a visit to the White House to speak about criminal justice and stunned in a suit to sit atop a table there.

Ambitious lawyer Kim Kardashian visited the President Trump’s workplace in Washington D.C but looked like at home when sitting atop a table there.

On Monday, she dressed a suit in green power and stated about issues of criminal justice. Under her power of speech on June 13, she made efforts to support the people who left prison to get back to the workforce.

Kim Kardashian

In one of the photos, the mother of 4 children reclined on the top of a dining table together with her mentors in law Erin Haney and Jessica Jackson. They would advocate for criminal justice issues due to what they have done before in the White House.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian wrote a caption on her Instagram:


Another image showed that the reality star stood on the podium with a styled bob and gave a speech about the reform issues beside President Donald Trump.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has to finish 60 college credits and work at a law firm as an apprentice in San Francisco intending to take the Bar Exam in 2022.


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