Keira Knightley comments on the 'negativity' around period dramas

Author |Sep 13, 2018

Keira Knightley says that she knows why people don't take period dramas seriously.

Actress Keira Knightley recently had an interview. She thinks that viewers don't take period films seriously just because they contribute to aim more attention at women characters.

Untill now, the actress has starred in many period dramas like "The Imitation Game", "Atonement", "Anna Karenina", and "Pride and Prejudice". The 33-year-old said that she doesn't like "negativity" all over such films.

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Keira Knightley said at the Toronto International Film Festival: "There's a negativity all over period films. It's because generally, they are women". BBC reported that Keira Knightley also confessed she's baited back to this genre owing to its strong roles.

Knightley then added: "The strongest roles I have ever discovered have been in period characters. I also love the opinion of respiring life back to what's gone. In a hilarious way, it's revive the dead". But now once again, she's featuring in a period film named "Colette", established from the biography of Colette, a French novelist.

Keira Knightley admitted that she "immediately felt attached" to Colette's story. That's the reason why she accepted the drama. The actress explained: "That's the tale of a woman who's discovering her opinion and her valid self. That reality allows her to live bravely. I got upright very giant when I potrayed Colette. She's a extremist".


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