Judi Dench To Star in Star-Studded Cats Movie Musical

Author |Oct 19, 2018

DAME Judi Dench has signed up to star in the film adaptation of Cats – a gender-swapped role.

Oscar-winning actress Judi Dench has lent her presence to Tom Hooper's movie adaptation of "Cats". Moreover, she will lord over Cats' star-studded felines in the role as an ancient Old Deuteronomy.

The veteran actress possesses a long history in her brilliant acting career. Initially, she was set to feature Grizabella in the original West End production in 1981; however, she had to refuse that role due to her injury.

Upcoming Working Title’s movie adaptation is based on “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” written by T.S. Eliot.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Judi Dench To Star in Star-Studded Cats Movie Musical
Judi Dench will join star-studded 'Cats' movie

Also, she came on board for "A Little Night Music" in the role of Desiree, and lent her presence in "Send in the Clowns".

During her 60-year career, the British actress achieved many great big screen roles. Dench has been nominated for seven Academy Awards and won best supporting actress for “Shakespeare in Love.”

It’s expected Judi Dench will step into the role of Old Deuteronomy, the wise and respected leader of a musical gang.

In the 1981 musical, the leader Old Deuteronomy was a male character. He is a large old cat who has lived many lives and buried nine wives. In the end, according to an annual feline tradition, Deuteronomy picks up a cat to be reborn into a new life on the Heaviside Layer. “Cats” premiered successfully at the New London Theatre in 1981. Additionally, it went on to run for 21 years, giving 8,949 performances and winning numerous awards.

The star-studding cast also includes Taylor Swift, Ian McKellen, Jennifer Hudson, Mette Towley, and James Corden. Interestingly, Idris Elba is reported to portray as the mysterious villain Macavity in the film.

The film will hit the theaters on 20 December 2019.


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