A female 007? Never, confirms Jame Bonds executive producer

Nagini Shree |Oct 07, 2018

James Bond franchise producer Barbara Broccoli said to switch the iconic Bond character is not possible, instead, more female characters should be created.

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James Bond  Barbara Broccoli and Daniel Craig

Producer Barbara Broccoli has eliminated the possibilities of a gender switch to James Bond, but more female characters are likely to appear and make their own story.

Instead of swapping gender for the famed British spy, Barbara Broccoli confirmed that she would write more parts for women.

She said, "Bond is male and a male character"; therefore, she believed Bond should remain as a male.

She took to Guardian by saying,

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Rosamund Pike, a popular face in the world of spycraft with David Fincher’s Gone Girl and 007’s Die Another Day, advocated taking one of the Bond Girls and gave her her own story. The director of TV’s True Detective and Netflix film Cary Fukunaga will helm the James Bond franchise, according to some rumors.

The Prime Minister Theresa May said last year she was looking forward to seeing a female Doctor Who, “there should be a female James Bond.” Consequently, some people are wondering about the probability of the appearance of James Bond woman. Moreover, Daniel Craig, who features as current Bond, has revealed that the next film will be his last as 007.

The film is expected to release on February 14, 2020.


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