Cody Simpson Claims His Love For Miley Cyrus Saying He Loving Her More Each Day. Read Details!

Mina Muzumdar |Oct 08, 2019

After Miley Cyrus was slut-shamed for kissing Gigi Hadid's ex-boyfriend, Cody Simpson is no longer shying away from showing the world that he is in love with the singer.

Two weeks after Kaitlynn Carter's split and still in divorce process with Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus reportedly has new boyfriend who is Gigi Hadid's boyfriend Cody Simpson. The singer, however, being called out for "slut-shamed" after she was seen kissing Cody Simpson in the public.

1bMiley Cyrus said.

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Now Cody Simpson is no longer shying away from showing the world that he is deeply in love with the singer. As things have been heating up for the couple, Cody in an Instagram post serenade his new girlfriend on social media.

Along with the post, he shared a black and white photo in which the couple was cuddling in bed and watching a movie together.

Cody Simpson sang the love song More Today Than Yesterday to his new lover Miley Cyrus.

Cody made his confession to the 26-year-old singer.

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Also, Miley Cyrus's new boyfriend earlier admitted that he fell for the star when he was only 12 years old, and he has been waiting for ten years before things turned romantic between them.

Bringing their relationship into the spotlight shortly after parting way with Kaitlynn, Miley Cyrus's fans have been wondering if the singer is just playing around with her relationship. Nevertheless, a source told TMZ that when Miley and Kaitlynn broke up, there was no cheating of fighting involved but their relationship "was moving to fast."


Miley Cyrus gave her final answer to her controversy love life.

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