Captain Marvel: All We-Should-Know About The Most Powerful Superhero In MCU

Jyotis |Mar 09, 2019

Captain Marvel hit the box office on Friday, March 8th. Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) appears to be a strange name to the casual fan.

The latest and most powerful superhero of Marvel Cinematic Universe hit the box office on Friday, March 8th. Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) appears to be a strange name to the casual fan. Who is she?

Brie Larson As Captain Marvel Marvels Captain Marv

Carol Danvers is a fictional superhero in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. In 1968, she was introduced to the readers amid the feminist movement was getting certain popularity. Before Captain Marvel, Warbird, Binary, and Ms Marvel were three of her favourite titles.

Captain Marvel is the superhero whose mission to protect Earth and space.

Her faithful fan, Samantha Wetherell, stated that: "She went and she did something that a typical woman at that time would not have done."

According to Captain Marvel subreddit's head moderator, Laura Brookes, Carol firstly is a bookworm; she likes Star Wars likes the most of us. Apart from her humorous characteristic, she is impulsive.

"She has all these superhuman strengths but still has that human quality, so she brings the two together," shared Samantha.

"It's the idea of getting back on your feet and never giving up - she'll be the last person standing in a fight through sheer force of will," she added.

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There's still controversy about where Carol's power comes from. The original story explains that she is human receiving power from the Kree - an alien. The recent theory is that Captain Marvel received the Kree's power from her mother. Still, Carol is the one owning biggest strength among all of Marvel's superheroes.

Recently Ali Plumb, a film critic, has stated that MCU has changed some details in the original book. "Normally it's like 'I'm Peter Parker, I was bitten by a radioactive spider, now I'm Spider-Man," he said.

Also, Ali Plumb also guessed that after Wakanda, Ant-Man, MCU will create more superwomen, more people of colour shortly.

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