Billie Eilish Oscar Meme Goes Viral For Her Wry Face At Performances

Salena Harshini |Feb 10, 2020

On her attendance at the Oscars 202, Billie Eilish has received some trolls when she can be seen unamused at some performances.

Oscars 2020 include a lot of memorable moments. One of those is when Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph reunited and sang together during their announcement on the awards. On introducing the Best Costume Design nominees, the two celebrities opted to sing a mix of tracks that are related to clothes: Lady In Red, Thong Song and Vogue. And this has unexpectedly led to the outbreak of Billie Eilish Oscar memes online.

When the audiences in and out of the performance hall, as well as people across the globe, were watching the ceremony with excitement and mesmerism, somebody was not so amused. It was no one but the new sensation of the music industry, Billie Eilish. The 18-year-old singer was caught on the camera when she was seen making a wry face at the performance.

This Billie Eilish Oscar shot has gone viral as memes and troll targets.

While a lot of people criticized Eilish strongly for being bratty and rude, others found those expressions funny and they believed that the star was just an 18-year-old girl who probably didn’t know how to react. Being a young person in the entertainment industry, Billie Eilish oscar neither had no idea about the tracks being sung nor Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph’s statue.


While some gave her backlashes for being rude...



... others found this funny and defended her.

In the meantime, a supporter of Billie Eilish came out in favor, explaining that the singer had that caustic expression because she saw herself on the screen, which was not related at all to the musical speech of the two actresses.

Emi Billie-Eilish-Oscar


Oopsie whoopsie, it seems that Billie Eilish was also not excited about Eminem’s performance too. As per a number of Twitter users, Eilish has taken her achievements to head when she bagged four Grammy Awards only two weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Billie Eilish also attracted attention to her appearance at the ceremony with her eccentric dressing, nails, and hair. Her hair was dyed in a neon green hue and tied loosely at the back. She donned an oversized Chanel tracksuit, accessorizing her look with freakishly long black nails, chunky necklaces, and lace finger gloves.

Billie Eilish Oscar look recenly.

Recently, she has confirmed to be singing the theme track for the new installment of Bond movie No Time to Die.

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