9 Little-Known Facts About Legendary Karl Lagerfeld

Mina Muzumdar |Feb 20, 2019

Here are 9 little-known facts about the legendary fashion designer.

The fashion industry was left shaken when Karl Lagerfeld death was confirmed, the fashion legendary went to be with the Lord on 19 February.

Throughout his life, Karl Lagerfeld devoted himself to the world of fashion and made an enormous contribution to the industry. Besides, he is also an artist, photographer, fashion designer, and author. He is affectionately known for his sense of humour, his sharp tongue, and his famous fashion statement. Having been at the helm of Chanel for 30 years, Karl Lagerfeld is not only the most significant contributor to make Chanel become unique fashion brand but also one of the most influential fashion designer in history.

However, here are 9 little-known facts about the legendary fashion designer.

  1. Karl Lagerfeld has a cat, and she is also a fashion star

Karl Lagerfeld has a white Persian cat, and her name is Choupette Lagerfeld. And she is the one who always accompanies Chanel creative director on all occasions. Choupette even has her own Instagram with 120.000 followers and has two maids to take care of her.

  1. Karl Lagerfeld fancied luxury car and ordered two customised-car

The white Maybach Landaulet car which is often used by Karl Lagerfeld worth up to 1.350.000 USD. Besides he also owns a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe which design is similar to the 1930 classic Rolls-Royce and as expensive as the Maybach.

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The Maybach car.

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Classic Roll-Royce Phantom.

  1. He is a sassy globe-trotter

Karl Lagerfeld has real-estate all around the world as he loves to travel. Even though, he has a few luxury apartments where he visited his favourite place more often than the others.

Newyork Apartment
New York Apartment.

Paris Apartment
Paris apartment.

  1. He has a house for work and sleeping and one for lunch and dinner

He often travels between his two homes which just nearby each other. They are separated with different function, one for sketching and sleeping while the other primary purpose is for regular meals and meeting with friends.

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  1. Lagerfeld is a bibliophile, and his library is something you just could dream of

All of his books are kept horizontally because the designer doesn’t have to tilt his head to read the book’s titles.

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  1. Karl Lagerfeld has a custom-made Louis Vuitton trunk

His Louis Vuitton Trunk is as flamboyant and unique as the fashion designer.

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  1. He has a fridge in his bathroom

Karl Lagerfeld has an excellent skincare routine, so he has a refrigerator in his bathroom to store all the skincare product. He also well-protected his skin under the sun and especially always wear gloves.

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  1. He keeps his signature ponytail hairstyle since 1976

The designer once confessed that he tired of his long and curly hair, so he pulled it back into a ponytail and it became his signature hairstyle since then.

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  1. He has a special butler to carry out his favourite drink, Pepsi

Pepsi is Lagerfeld’s favourite drink, and according to report, he even has a butler who follows him around all the party with Pepsi on his tray.

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