8 Times Reality Star Kim Kardashian Was Caught In A Major Photoshop Fail

Maanyata Thu |Mar 28, 2019

Here is 8 times Kim Kardashian was criticized for heavily editing one of her photos.

Kim Kardashian has always been at the centre of photoshop scandals. Here is eight times the Keep Up With Kardashians star was criticised for heavily editing her photos.

Her Squashed Car

Kim Kardashian recently posted a photo of herself walking through a car park. At first glance, the picture looks quite normal until you check out the car in the background, which is incredibly squashed, almost to the point where it’s unrecognizable.

The photo sparked a flurry of comments accusing the reality star of overusing photoshop. Kim hit back with one post on her website, explaining that she reposted the photo from one of her followers’ Instagram and just ‘added a filler to it’. She even blamed the fan for altering the photo.

Screenshot 267

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Her Messed Up Eyes

One of her most classic photoshop fails was when she promoted her makeup line. Here’s the version of the promotional photo on her Instagram:

And here’s the same photo that her hairstylist Chris Appleton shared on his Instagram.

Let’s put them side by side. Kim's version is on the left and Chris's version is on the right.

Kim Photoshop Fail 1539009094
Photo Credit: Instagram

Could you spot the difference? Yes, it looks like Kim lightened her brown eyes in the photo she posted and also did something to her nose, which is wild.

Her Paparazzi Photos

When an Instagram account posted a side by the side of a paparazzi-taken photo and a fan-taken photo of Kim wearing the same outfit, eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot the slight differences of her waist and hips between these two photos. This is enough to make fans think that the reality star is paying the paparazzi to photoshop her pictures before releasing them to the public.

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Photo Credit: Instagram

Her Blackface Allegations

Kim’s Twitter was on fire after she unveiled the promotional shot for her KKW Beauty line.

Many followers immediately pointed out that her skin looked noticeably darker than her usual shade, leading to the accusations of blackface and racism. Check out some of the backlashes here:

And here is her response to the blackface Twitter storm:

Screenshot 268

Her Curved Door

Her Curved Closet

Kim Kardashian was called out again for bending the unbendable. While she has to ensure the straight lines in the background of her photos remain straight, obviously she failed to master the rule in this photo.

Her Kimoji Perfume Photos

Her Photobooth Flop

Another Kim’s photoshop fails her loved-up photo with hubby Kanye West. It seems that this black and white photo had been edited to smooth out her chin and the back of her head. And someone even made this GIF to compare the original photo vs the edited photo:


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