Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body: Workout And Diet Plan To Get A Rock Hard Body Like Tiger Shroff

Mina Muzumdar |Aug 06, 2019

This is Tiger Shroff's workout and diet plan to get muscular and a ripped body.

Undoubtedly, the list of Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body can't be completed without Student Of The Year's star Tiger Shroff. He is not only well-known as a top Bollywood actor but also for his muscular flexible body. In order to build a bulky muscle, Tiger Shroff has a very strict workout routine as well as a disciplined diet plan.

Tiger Shroft Muscle

Weightlifting exercise

One of the most effective exercise to build muscle mass is weightlifting exercise. Besides, the benefit of weight training is far larger than just build a muscular body as it also helps to increase bone density which will be decreased after you reach 40, boosting metabolism, improved posture, lowering inflammation.

Therefore, it's a must training in Tiger Shroff's exercise routine. However, for any beginner, you should only start with a lightweight and follow a gradual progression to reach your fit-body goals. Lifting to heavyweight can lead to serious injury or loss of your interest in the gym.

Pull-up bar workout

Among numerous training that shredded upper body that you have always dreamed of, chin-up bar workout is your answer. Pull-up bar workout can be difficult for any beginner, however, for uninitiated, lifting up your body over and over again is actually not that hard.

Remember, you don't have to pull-ups a hundred times but start with a few following your endurance. This exercise can work out dozens of muscle groups at every rep such as the biceps, forearms, triceps, wrists... If you are already a professional at the gym, you can try windscreen wiper or batwing chin-up like Tiger Shroff.

Tiger 4

Let's dance

After weeks of extremely cardio workout, you should add another interesting exercise to your schedule such as dancing. Dancing not only helps to burn calories but also is a good way to rest your body and mind after hours of intense cardio workout.


MMA training

Mixed martial arts is a combination of many combat sport while using different techniques from each. A regular MMA class can burn at least 500 calories at a session as your whole body has to work. You can enjoy great benefits from MMA training such as improving body coordination of proprioception, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, mental toughness and resilience...


Try a few somersaults

A somersault or a flip/gymnastics salto is an acrobatic exercise that a person will try to rotates 360 degrees around their horizontal axis with their body passing over the head. There are a hundred ways to do a somersault, you can start with the simplest which is forward rolls and then gradually develop your basic tumbling skills.

Apparently, the most common issue in this exercise is people's anxiety and fear. So you should have a personal trainer while learning each step carefully to avoid unexpected accidents.

Tiger 5

Bring your gymnastic session to the next level

You can upgrade your gymnastic session to the next level like Tiger Shroff when you already master basic skills.

Tiger Shroff's diet plan

Tiger 6

Unlike many advice that we heard off before, Tiger Shroff normally skips breakfast and only have a glass of water with turmeric or apple cider vinegar.

For lunch, the actor admits it usually the same as it must contain protein and fiber so he normally has mutton and vegetables. But he will avoid too much carb for dinner so an idea light supper often contain broiled veggies and grilled fish or chicken.

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