Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body: Sidharth Malhotra And No-Equipment Exercises To Get 6 Packs Abs In One Month

Mina Muzumdar |Jul 31, 2019

Try these no-equipment workouts like Sidharth Malhotra and we ensure it is well-worth your sweat.

Behind a perfect intensely fit figure of any superstar that shine in the spotlight is vigorous training as well as a strict diet plan. If you’ve ever dreamt of fantastic shape with rock hard muscles, you can get inspired by Sidharth Malhotra.

The actor once shared the secret to his ripped body is a very particular diet which is based on his health profile together with the right exercises. Here are the best moves without any equipment approved by Sidharth Malhotra that helps you to have solid abs within a month. Check it out!

Sidharth Body

Try variations type of pushup

You can truly get fit if you can do push up exercise in different forms, but before getting up to this next level, you should begin with a basic pushup. Furthermore, it should be added to your everyday workout routine because it can be done from virtually anywhere while requiring no equipment.

The greatest benefit of the pushup is building upper body strength and strengthen the lower back. Especially, for your abdomen, pushup will activate the ab muscle, forms the front sheath of abs and the sides of the waist.


Bring pushups to the next level

When you've already mastered in this daily training, you can make it more challenging by taking rolling pushup, wall pushup, decline pushup... You should repeat this exercise at least 10 times for the best result.

Refresh your training with aqua gym

It's an undeniable fact that not everyone is keen on going to the gym every day, but don't let it make you lose your motivation. To beat the heat of summer and refresh your boring work out, you should try aqua training.

Doing the moves in the swimming pool may sound weird to people but it really does have a magic to your abdominal muscles and core. And crunches is proved to be one of the best abs exercises if you do it in proper ways. Remember, you can't make it a truly effective core session that can hit all of your abdominal regions if you don't do the crunches in the right way.

Check out the video below to see how Sidharth Malhotra does the crunches underwater.

Let's boxing

Wonder if boxing has anything to do with your packs, the answer is yes because boxing turns out to be a brilliant exercise to sculpt your strong abs. Boxing not only can help you to get rid of fat belly but hitting the punching bad also involves your triceps, core muscles.

When you throw a punch, you have to hold your breath while tightening your abs and then twist your body to hit the target and exhaling. The faster you do, the more torque your abs will feel. Sidharth Malhotra also revealed this is his favorite exercises.

Sidharth Boxing

Do the high-intensity interval training

HIIT is a kind of intense cardio training that can help to get a lean, toned body in less time while requiring no equipment. The benefit of HIIT to your health is countless, such as it a way to burn fat, regulates blood glucose level and it is proved to be more efficient than any regular cardio exercise.

For a beginner, however, you should only do HIIT one to two time a week and plan time for your resting time.


Try these no-equipment workouts like Sidharth Malhotra and we ensure it is well-worth your sweat.


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