Show Off Like Kriti Kharbanda: How To Be Sexy And Classy At The Same Time

Kimmy Karima |Sep 09, 2019

Kriti Kharbanda is one of the prettiest actresses and she impresses us with her excellent sense of style too. What she wears and how she wears them always receive a lot of praise from her followers. She’s sexy, sure, but she’s classy just as well.

Starting her career as a model, Kriti Kharbanda surprised everyone by proving her capability in the film industry too. Although Kriti is quite young, she’s got a lot of experiences as an actress since her first role in Boni, a Telugu film in 2009.

After that, she has stepped further into the cinematic field, with other films like romantic drama Teen Maar, romantic comedy Ala Modalaindi, thriller Raaz: Reboot, romantic drama Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana.

Some films were successful while some were not, but in most cases, the critics as well as the audience both complimented Kriti’s performances. They all agree that she has both look and talents, and that makes her shine like a dazzling gem in the showbiz sky.

Kriti Kharbanda

And that’s not all! Since Kriti is such a good-looker with a remarkable sense of fashion, her Instagram account looks like some designer’s collection. Some highlights are the pictures of Kriti in the outfits that are a bit revealing.

That’s understandable because she has a great body too. Now take a look at the photos below and you may learn something about how to dress in a sexy and classy way like Kriti.

Sexy denim

Kriti Kharbanda

Denim can be downright attractive if you know how to wear it with a more feminine item. Here Kriti mixed denim with a very girly white lace bralette and an unbuttoned sky blue shirt. That created such a flirting look and we just couldn’t take our eyes off her.

The new black

Kriti Kharbanda

Dark green seems to be the new black now and Kriti didn’t miss the trend. She chose a soft emerald suit that might be a bit formal to some people. But then under the blazer was a crop-top in a lighter shade, with a plunging neckline that showed her cleavage. Her mild makeup, black sandals and black fingernails went so well with her suit, and everything gave her a powerful look.

Twinkling silver

Kriti Kharbanda

In a super-short silver dress, Kriti shined more brightly than any twinkling star in the sky. Though the dress showed her bare thighs, it has long sleeves so everything was still in moderation. We know that Kriti always has smart fashion choices, don’t we?

Hot lehenga

Kriti Kharbanda

At Lakme Fashion Week 2019 earlier this year, Kriti put on a flowy brown lehenga printed with impressive patterns. Her sparkling fitting blouse was so gorgeous and on the whole, Kriti looked like a princess. A sexy one, of course!

Short and sweet

Kriti Kharbanda

Once again, Kriti had a cool outfit choice. Her mini dress bared her (stunning) thighs but the long sleeves covered her arms. The neckline was deep but it had some strings so it didn’t show too much. This is what we call sexy and classy indeed!

Enviable waist

Kriti Kharbanda

Kriti has an enviably slim waist so she liked to show it off in lovely traditional lehenga. This set didn’t have bold colours but the details were especially nice. Didn’t she look like a breathtakingly captivating bride?

Pink and girly

Kriti Kharbanda

In this baby pink outfit, Kriti looked so elegant and young. Her waist, again, made us all want to go on a strict diet. Kriti’s top and dress had just one single colour but it was the special features that counted. The knot at the waist and the layers of the dress – all these gave Kriti an interesting appearance that could satisfy any stylists.

Skinny lady

Kriti Kharbanda

Kriti was a skinny lady in this red and white long dress, that revealed less than some other outfits of hers. The length and patterns of the dress made Kriti look exceptionally tall. She used her large ear-rings as the highlights, and she used a belt to emphasize her small waist. Well, with a waist like hers, who doesn’t want to flaunt?


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