Fashion Blogger Sarang Patil Is Making A Great Impact In The World Of Fashion

Maanyata Thu |May 21, 2019

Sarang Patil is a successful fashion blogger and a popular social media influencer.

Finding your passion is hard and turning it into your career is even harder especially when you fall for fashion, which is more commonly attached to women than men for some unknown reasons in India. As there is a lack of fashion amongst men, fashion blogging is definitely a difficult task because the chances are limited and the scope for growth is slow. However, famous fashion blogger Sarang Patil has accepted to take the risk to follow his dream.

Sarang Patil Making Impact In The World Of Fashion
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Sarang Patil, who is one of the most influential style bloggers in our country, started his journey when he featured in GQ 2014 as the best-dressed men in India. Then, he decided to take a further step into the fashion industry by working as a freelance stylist. As his talent gradually caught many celebrities’ attention, he has begun collaborating with numerous high-end brands such as Dior, Armani, Ferrari, Burberry, and so on. In 2014, Sarang Patil was recognized as the top fashion blogger in our country.

The 26-year-old blogger has a knack for a simple laid back style that he is often spotted experimenting with it. Talking about his fashion secret, Sarang revealed that all you have to do is to put different pieces of clothes together and then nail them with your confidence.

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Sarang Patil Making Impact In The World Of Fashion

Sarang Patil also owns some men's styling and grooming workshops and his fan always loves his tips and guidance that he regularly shares with them. In addition, his blog, which has a huge number of fan following, is a complete guide for every man in India. It covers all aspects of lifestyle ranging from fashion, grooming accessories, technology to automobiles that you can turn to anytime.

Take a look at some pictures which proves Sarang Patil is making a great impact on the fashion world:


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