Kim Kardashian’s Style Transformation: Is She Ready For Her New Position, America’s First Lady?

Leela Adwani |Jul 20, 2020

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No matter what the public thinks of her, there is no doubt that the big sister of the Kardashian sisters, Kim Kadarshian’s fashion sense has taken a significant turn since she got close to rapper Kanye West who recently announced his 2020 presidential run. Once again, fans are eager to see whether Kim will make a makeover in her style to prepare for her likely-to-be new position, America’s First Lady.

Since they started dating in the early months of the year 2012, even Kim also admitted that her then-boyfriend (now her husband) has inspired her to be more of an individual and her style has been changing and evolving.

Kim Kardashian now vs then

Despite the great influence of Kanye in replacing the old clubwear-heavy wardrobe of his wife with high-fashion brands, the rapper has still managed to keep Kim’s signature sexpot aesthetic going. Looking at her Instagram feed, you will figure out the answer yourself.

Wearing tight, body-hugging outfits is her favorite. However, in an attempt to spot any difference in Kim Kardashian style 2020 before and after the presidential run announcement of Kanye West, let’s take a tour of her Instagram’s grid.

Kim Kardashian style 2020 before Kanye West’s presidential run

It’s not hard to know that Kim is stick to the relatively sexy style. Every picture showing Kim Kardashian style 2020 always takes no time to set the Internet on fire. Kim always gives the younger generations a good run for their money when it comes to sexiness.

She always opted to figure-hugging outfits with a bold cut that perfectly shows her uber-sexy curves.

Who dares to wear this outfit?

Before the presidential run, Kim is fearless of taking fashion risks. Wearing a pair of high-waisted skintight latex pants, Mrs. West proved she is one of the most daring stars in the entertainment industry.

She made headlines with this white ensemble

Never disappoint her followers and even knows how to wow them, Kim Kardashian chose to flaunt her figure by wearing sexy white lingerie mixed with leather cowboy chaps.

Her look before Kanye West's presidential run

On the occasion of her Instagram account reaching 170 million followers, the entrepreneur shared a picture showing her iconic hourglass curves in a green formfitting dress.

Here are more pictures:

Any difference?
Indoor photoshoot
Dramatic cut

Kim Kardashian style 2020 after Kanye West’s presidential run

But first, let’s get a glimpse of Kanye West’s 2020 White House Run timeline. On 4 July 2020, rapper and billionaire Kanye World put the world in entire shock when officially declaring that he is running for president in the 2020 election.

West in the U.S. presidential poll as of July 14, 2020, secured 2% while Biden and Trump made up for the major percentage with 48% and Trump 39% respectively.

Kim stunned one and all with her new look

Two days after the announcement of Kanye West, Kim stunned one and all with her new look as she dyed her hair a bright cherry red and wore the same-color outfit that perfectly shows off her toned mid-drift.

She loves taking a selfie

Sharing a selfie photo with her new hair look, Kim, needless to say, looks younger than her age.

What do you think about her new hair?
Still sexy AF

It goes without saying that everyone can see a lit bit change in Kim Kardashian style 2020 especially post White House Run of Kanye West. We are eager to see more daring and significant changes.

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