Karishma Tanna Should Be Granted A Doctoral Degree For Her Skillful Accidental Cleavage Showoff!

Hanima Anand |Nov 07, 2020

Even when the actress does not intend to reveal too much, every of her steamy photos just unveil itself. Dive in and we are sure Karishma Tanna cleavage would be the sexiest you see today!

To be honest, if we have to name a sexy icon in the Indian entertainment industry, Karishma might not be the first name that occurs to our mind. However, we must admit her skill in showing off her curves accidentally in artistic photoshoots is a mastery. That’s why we decided that Karishma Tanna cleavage should be listed among the sexiest things on the screen.

Karishma Tanna Cleavage 1
A girly shirt without bras is the best way to flaunt a woman's body.

You may not know Karishma Tanna was born on 21 December 1983 in Maharastra. The TV actress and model will celebrate her 37th birthday at the end of 2020, but her beauty refuses to age with the years.

Karishma Tanna Cleavage 2
We can look at this pic all-day long. It's not just a photo, it's a piece of artwork.

Though Karishma Tanna is most known to Bollywood fans thanks to the 2013 movie Grand Masti by Indra Kumar, she has worked in the industry for a long time before.

Karishma Tanna Cleavage 3
Oh my goodness, can you spot that deep Karishma Tanna cleavage?

Karishma had her debut in Suneel Darshan’s film Dosti: Friends Forever in 2006 where she played the role of Nandina Thapar. However, she was more active in TV series and shows than in box office releases. Some series with Karishma Tanna can be named as Koi Dil Mein Hai, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi or Pyaar Ke Do Naam: Ek Raadha, Ek Shyaam.

Karishma Tanna Cleavage 4
She goes braless with a floral dress this time.
Karishma Tanna Cleavage 5
A bit closer for our short-sighted readers.

It’s not until 2011 onwards that Karishma Tanna cleavage is seen more in movies. During the last decade, she has joined several Bollywood and regional films like I Am Sorry Mathe Banni, Grand Masti, Golu Aur Pappu, Sanju and Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari.

Karishma Tanna Cleavage 6
The gloomy vibe in this pic can actually uplift the mood of many Indian men.

In 2020 we can enjoy Karishma Tanna cleavage in the Zee5 release Lahore Confidential which will premiere on 11 December, 10 days before her birthday party.

Karishma Tanna Cleavage 7
Uh oh, not revealing at all but we can all imagine what she is wearing on the bed.
Karishma Tanna Cleavage 8
We just can't get enough of Karishma Tanna cleavage showoff!

Two shows that boost Karishma Tanna to fame are Bigg Boss 8 in 2014 and Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi in 2016. She was the first runner-up in Bigg Boss while having a guest appearance in the latter.

Karishma Tanna Cleavage 9
No matter what fashion concept she adopts, her curves always stand out.

On her Instagram, the sizzling actress gets a huge number of followers compared to other TV celebrities. This is, no doubt, thanks to her tactic in building a moderately sexy image. Karishma Tanna cleavage is not always shown in pictures, but once it is, it rocks the entire Internet.

Karishma Tanna Cleavage 10
Blurring things evoke tangible emotions.

Regarding her love life, Karishma Tanna used to date Upen Patel who also participated in Bigg Boss 8. After the breakup, she is linked with Pearl V Puri but neither of them has confirmed the relationship yet.

Karishma Tanna Cleavage 11
Even when it's a random pic, Karishma Tanna cleavage forces our eyes to clue to the screen.

The below photo was taken when she just stepped into the entertainment industry.

Karishma Tanna Cleavage 12
The girl looks innocent then.

After 14 years in the industry, Karishma Tanna is much more mature now. Shaking off her naive appearance on the first days, the film and TV actress is confident showing off her beauty in every inch.

Karishma Tanna Cleavage 14
Who wants a drink with this girl in the club?
Karishma Tanna Cleavage 15
What would you do if she approached you with this look?

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