5 Times Mimi Chakraborty Proves That She Is The New Queen Of Indian Ethnic Wear

Bindhiya Nhi |Jul 22, 2019

Mimi Chakraborty is ruling the internet, not only because of her political activities but also thanks to her inspiring Indian ethnic style.

There are Bollywood actresses who carry ethnic wear so beautifully that even Western people take a liking to the Indian dressing style. Bengali actress and MP Mimi Chakraborty is among those gorgeous ladies who know how to steal the limelight when it comes to Indian wear.

Mimi's sartorial choices are always up to the fashion game. Every time she dresses in traditional attire, the beauty effortlessly stands out from the crowd. Scroll down for 5 times Mimi Chakraborty proves that she is truly the new queen of Indian ethnic wear!

The Elegance Of Pink

Mimi Chakraborty Style
Source: Mimi Chakraborty's Instagram

Mimi Chakraborty's fashion choices have impressed us like no other. While attending Nasrat Jahan's wedding, the actress dressed in a pink floral print lehenga. We do not have any words to say much as her taste in fashion just speaks it all.

The Classy Sari

Mimi Chakraborty Style 1
Source: Mimi Chakraborty's Instagram

Thanks to her stunning looks and striking personalities, Mimi had made it to the list of Most Desirable Women 2016 by Calcutta Times. We cannot help but fall in love with her classic sari look in these photos. From the outfits to the hairstyle, the MP just slew it again.

The Bengali Stunner

Mimi Chakraborty Style 4
Source: TV9 Marathi

In celebration of Durga Puja 2017, Mimi chose a korial sari. The Bengali beauty with her million-dollar smile made sure to graced the occasion with her elegance.

The Charming Bride

Mimi Chakraborty Style 5
Source: Tanishq

Mimi in her pastel pink sari just left people in awe. She looks like the dream bride of any man in this world. We all have to admit that the MP has already set the standard of beauty in the Indian wear.

The Sensation Of Black

Mimi Chakraborty Style 6
Source: Mimi Chakraborty's Instagram

Not many ladies would dare to rock a sexy black lehenga like the way Mimi did. She did not only wear it, but she also donned it like a boss. The actress has inspired millions of women thanks to her brilliant tradition style.


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