Shraddha Kapoor And Her Intense Fitness Regime For Upcoming Film "Saaho"

Salena Harshini |Aug 05, 2019

To form the most suitable body feature for her daredevil cop role in "Saaho", Shraddha Kapoor has to go through a killer training session.

Being an actor is not any piece of cake. Every part an actor takes demand a specific kind of look. To achieve the required look, they surely have to go through an intense training process. Because Shraddha Kapoor is currently filming for three movies at a time, it is certainly challenging for her to train for the cop part in her trilingual movie Saaho.

Shraddha 1

Maahek Nair has been Shraddha’s trainer for about four to five years now. For this movie, she created a particular fitness plan for her. The aim of this plan is to help her body be able to handle the physical stress her role requires in the movie.


As stated by her trainer, the task was not easy.

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Shraddha Gym
Source: Times of India

Maahek Nair also works with Praveen, Shraddha's husband and she trains a lot of actors, namely Kartik Aaryan. She shared,

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She said that it depends on particular traits that the fitness exercises will vary. The role Shraddha is portraying defines her feature and training process. Maahek explained,

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Shraddha Kapoor' still from the movie "Saaho"

Concerning Saaho, the daily training of actress Shraddha Kapoor had a light length.

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Trainer Maahek Nair refers to Shraddha as one of his best students that she’s ever had. Maahek said,

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