Salman Khan On His Ex-Flames: Holds Great Respects For Every Woman That Has Been Part Of His Life

Salena Harshini |Jul 19, 2019

On the first episode of Nach Baliye 9, Salman Khan talked about being friends with his exes after breaking up.

It is a common thing that the aftermath of a serious relationship breakdown can hardly be good terms. There will be no hard feelings or awkwardness if the two people share mutual thoughts about the split. However, most of the times, they believe that it’s better off having a life without the trade of one another.

Well, now we can say that Salman Khan is not one of those people. Though the actor maintained a specific distance from his former girlfriends, if we look at his love history, it is clear that he still remains friends with most of them: Katrina Kaif, Sangeeta Bijlani… It is quite praiseworthy on the actor’s part. In the end, nobody wants to live a life that is full of hatred and unhealing heartbreaks, no?

Salman Khan Katrina Kaif
Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif (Source: Instagram)

Salman Khan decided to unveil this aspect of his life on the Nach Baliye 9 premiere episode. When actress Urvashi Dholakia and her ex-boyfriend Anuj Sachdev took the stage as the program’s contestants, she snugly spoke of how they were a four-year item before realizing they don’t have the same goals and routes in life.

Therefore, it was better for both of them to put an end to the relationship. The actress said she held big respect for her ex Anuj and that they still maintain good terms with each other even after they parted ways.

Urvashi Dholakia And Anuj
Urvashi Dholakia and Anuj Sachdeva

That was when Salman Khan interfered that shared his own story, saying that he too had a belief in being friends with his ex-lovers.

Screenshot 9

, the actor said adding that it is not big a deal with him to work with his exes and that he holds immense respects for every woman that has been part of the actor’s life.

Salman Khan Slaps His Bodyguard

Also, Salman Khan thought it was his responsibility for not being the 'ideal boyfriend'. He gibed while sharing,

Screenshot 10

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