Cuteness Overload! Times When Daughter Of PM Jacinda Ardern Stormed The Internet!

Hanima Anand |May 05, 2020

Being the youngest Prime Minister of New Zealand in the past 150 years, the 38-year-old PM Jacinda Ardern gave birth to her daughter while in office. Whenever the little girl goes out, she storms the web.

When Jacinda Ardern daughter Neve was born in June 2018, the prime minister of New Zealand had made global headlines being the second world leader in modern era to give birth while in office.

Jacinda Ardern Pregnant And Queen
Jacinda expecting Neve in 2018 when she had a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II
Jacinda Ardern Daughter 2
The baby was born in June, making headlines all over the world.

Since then, her daughter was always the centre of attention whenever the little girl appears in public events.

Jacinda Ardern Daughter 1
Clarke Gayford is always spotted beside Jacinda Ardern to take care of their daughter.

Neve was born at exactly 4:45 pm on 21 June in 2018. 3 days later, full name of Jacinda Ardern daughter was revealed as Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford. Her father is Jacinda Ardern fiancé, Clarke Gayford.

Jacinda Ardern Daughter In Un Assembly
The 'First Baby' of New Zealand attended a UN assembly meeting when she was just months old.
Jacinda Ardern Baby In Un Meeting
Though she couldn't voice her opinion, she listened to all those UN reports, seriously.

Let’s take a look through the special love story of Neve’s parents first!

Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford met each other in a restaurant awards ceremony in 2012, introduced by their mutual friend. At that time, Jacinda Ardern was forth-ranked on Labour’s party list while Clarke Gayford was a radio personality and the host of that event.

Jacinda Ardern Daughter 7
The little girl inherits beautiful eyes from her parents.

They didn’t spend much time with each other at first. One day, Gayford reached Ardern to discuss a controversial constituency issue. Their relationship developed quickly after that.

Jacinda Ardern Daughter 4
Netizens go crazy whenever Neve is spotted with her powerful mother.

On May 3, 2019, Jacinda Ardern was reported to get engaged to Clarke Gayford.

Jacinda Ardern Daughter 3
She is guarded by national security personnel.

Since the birth of Neve, Mr. Gayford became the stay-at-home parent to take care of her. The family sometimes attend public events together and soon make headlines whenever they appear.

Jacinda Ardern Daughter 8
Neve shows her diplomat tendency at an early age.

Here are some more cute photos of Neve, the daughter of a Prime Minister!

Jacinda Ardern Daughter 5
The two-year-old girl is confident exploring things around in any public event.
Jacinda Ardern Daughter 6
Being the center of attention whenever she appears!
Jacinda Ardern Daughter
Cute expressions of Neve along with her parents

If you are wondering what it’s like to be Jacinda Ardern daughter, the answer will surely get you all jealous. Neve is looked after by her parents, supported by a professional team when necessary, while her mother is among the kindest prime ministers of all time.

Jacinda Ardern Comforting People
Jacinda is a kind-hearted prime minister, recognized by the world.

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