Turn Into A "Zombie" Or Become A Farmer, 1001 Ways Bollywood Stars Do At Home During Quarantine

Leela Adwani |Mar 24, 2020

Bollywood livewire stars like Salman Khan or Ranveer Singh are always thinking ahead and doing what they love like cooking, reading, sketching and many more during the unscheduled and unexpected break.

Bollywood and the entertainment industry have come to a standstill because of the Coronavirus pandemic. In order to curb the spread of this novel virus, B-town celebrities, like many other Indians, have quarantined themselves at home. However, they have their own know-how to make the most of their free time.

Bollywood livewire stars like Salman Khan or Ranveer Singh are always thinking ahead and doing what they love like cooking, reading, sketching and many more during the unscheduled and unexpected break.

Here is a glimpse:

Ranveer Singh

Obviously, the COVID-19 outbreak has stirred up an intense situation across the world and being stuck at home all day can be frustrating sometimes. Amid the crisis situation, Ranveer took to his Instagram handle to share a picture of himself turning into a zombie.

Ranveer Singh During Quarintine
"Zombie" Ranveer Singh

Sharing the photo, the Gully Boy actor who is always known to be a quirky manner captioned, “me coming out of quarantine.”

Yes, Ranveer is the ultimate example of always being optimistic even in any kind of situation. He is still very much an entertainer even at home. The actor is also giving his fans an insight into his daily life during the quarantine times.

Salman Khan

There is no doubt that the Coronavirus has had a severe impact on the film industry with all the work having to come to a halt. Even leading Bollywood stars like Salman Khan has to postpone several projects.

During this period, Salman also opted for social distancing with his family at his farmhouse. His sister Arpita Khan took to social media to share several pictures and videos in which our B-town star and his nephew are enjoying the nature’s beauty as they trail through an orchard plucking fruits. It’s not far off the mark to say Khan is becoming nothing short of a true farmer.

The Dabaang star also shared a video of himself pursuing his hobby of sketching and painting. Khan gave us a sneak peek into his sketching time. It gets more enjoyable as he’s humming Kaho naa Pyaar hai while sketching.

Deepika Padukone

Self-love is the way Deepika chose to use her time during the quarantine. Sharing a picture of the actress which seems to be in the bathroom, the diva captioned “Season 1: Episode 2 Productivity in the time of COVID-19!” along with hashtags #selfcare and #selflove.

Deepika Padukone During Quarantine
Self-care is the best

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Ranveer Singh Deepika Padukone 1280x720
Ranveer and Deepika at home

Vicky Kaushal

Unable to hit the gym, do it at home is exactly what Vicky Kaushal is doing while self-quarantine. Sharing a photo of his workout equipment at his home, the actor said, “Work(out) from home! #QuarantineStacking.”

Vicky Kaushal During Quarantine
Workout freak

Jacqueline Fernandez

Once a yoga freak, forever a yoga freak and yes, we are talking about Jacqueline who is always known to have a big passion for yoga. The actress took to her Instagram to share a video herself doing Surya Namaskar.

Urvashi Rautela

Another example of those who are into performing yoga is none other than Urvashi Rautela. During her self isolation, the actress shared a short video doing Chakrasana, backbone and urhdva dhanurasana.

Sidharth Malhotra

Meanwhile, the heartbreakingly handsome actor Sidharth chose a quieter practice while self-isolating as he can be seen reading a book while sipping some coffee.

Sidharth Malhotra During Quarantine

Ananya Panday

The millennial sensation Ananya Panday hasn’t been heading out either like many other Bollywood stars and looks like the young starlet decided to quarantine in style at home.

Ananya Panday

Taking to Instagram handle, the actress shared a picture of herself dressing in a stunning off-shoulder mini dress. The Bollywood newcomer went along with a free-makeup look to spend time at home amid the lockdown.

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