Top 6 Accidents Insane Fans Crossed Lines With Bollywood Actresses

Nagini Shree |Jul 17, 2019

B’town actresses have a lavish lifestyle that we all desire; however, they have to pay a price for their popularity and fame. Many of them sometimes fall into victims of public harassment by crazy fans.

Bollywood celebrities give whole credit of their success to their fans because these are the fans who make them stars. While some ardent fans appreciate their works and looks, some cross the limits and scare their idols. Fans of our Bollywood stars often resort to some crazy ways to show their love. Be it standing outside their houses for hours until they come out or even stalking them in public places for selfies.

Here are some of the Bollywood actresses who have been attacked and stalked by crazy fans over the years.

1. Katrina Kaif

Most Bollywood celebrities never mind posing for selfies for fans but some situations get so tricky. Recently, a similar situation was faced by Katrina Kaif. The actress was surrounded by fans for selfies when one of them pushed her bodyguard and got too close to the actress.

Instead of losing her calm, Katrina held her ground and politely asked the fan to click the photo from a little distance.

This sweet gesture by Katrina has surely struck the right chord and the fans are loving how she handled the fan like a pro.

2. Malaika Arora

In May, a video surfaced that showed Malaika Arora getting mobbed by fans who insisted on taking selfies with her despite her reluctance. Malaika can be seen visibly uncomfortable as fans surround her.

Seeing a number of fans gather around her, Malaika's father had to step in to ask fans to move away from her. Many people took to Instagram to show their anger towards the behavior of fans.

3. Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez had a horrific experience with fans at Judwaa 2 trailer launch and the details of it will leave you shocked. One of the pairs barged past the security, nudging aside the bodyguards, and got to Jacqueline.

They wanted to click selfies with her and tried to get uncomfortably close. Of course, Jacky was more than happy to meet and greet her fans but after a point, it got really uncomfortable for her.

Her co-star Varun Dhawan came to her rescue immediately and the two were asked to leave.

4. Ileana D'Cruz


Bold, beautiful and badass… That’s how we’ve seen Ileana D’Cruz every time and without doubt, the actress experienced the ugly side of being a celebrity too. Ileana, who became a victim of misbehavior by some male fans, once lashed out through her posts on Twitter. The incident happened when her car was stuck in traffic while she was traveling to a fashion show venue in Mumbai. The actress claimed how she is a public figure but also a woman at the end of the day.

5. Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukon Harassed

On her way back from the unveiling of the Diwali special edition of a magazine, Deepika Padukone was mobbed by fans who tried to touch her inappropriately and refuse to let her go. Thankfully, with the help of her security, Deepika fled the scene.

6. Nargis Fakri

Nargis Fakhri

On the sets of Azhar film, Nargis Fakri was unfortunately harassed by a fan. He kept clicking photos of her and shooting videos on his phone. After a while, the actress became uncomfortable and even requested the fan to stop shooting, but he didn't listen. Finally her co-star Emraan Hashmi had to save her and threatened that man.


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