Top 50 Most Desirable Women: No.3 - Katrina Kaif Has A Perfect Body Everyone To Die For

Nalini Suri |Jun 03, 2019

Katrina Kaif’s ranking in Top 50 Most Desirable Women has not changed too much due to her hot body and killing dance moves to Bollywood showbiz.

Even though Katrina Kaif still not well-appreciated in her career as a Bollywood A-list actress, she still grabs a huge fan following to rank 3rd in Top 50 Most Desirable Women. With a number of nearly 23 million followers on Instagram, Katrina is one of the most gorgeous girls of B-town. See how she did it!

Katrina Kaif sexy

Top 50 Most Desirable Women: Katrina Kaif - A super hot girl in tinsel town

At a very young age of 14, Katrina Kaif won a beauty contest held in Hawaii, then received an assignment of modeling in a jewelry campaign. As a subsequence, she modeled professionally in the capital of British, London where she lived for 3 years.

Getting launched with the film Boom, Katrina Kaif did not impress the audience with her acting prowess, but certainly attracted a lot of attention of her super hot body.

Katrina kaif
Katrina Kaif in "Boom" (2003)

Top 50 Most Desirable Women: Katrina Kaif - Killing dance moves make all

“Dance has been a big passion for me”, said Katrina.

With a miracle dancing moves, Katrina was at the top spot of the IPL Opening Ceremony. While dancing deeply in Dwayne Bravo’s tunes, her abs stole the crowd’s heart with loud cheering that Bravo was also hooked. Her dancing managed to save the opening night from falling flat to its face.

Her debut at Cannes Film Festival 2019

Regardless of many criticisms for her sense of fashion, the Dhoom 3 actress handled it by the remaining costumes which dignified herself. At the prestigious event, Katrina Kaif walked the red carpet as the ambassador for a beauty giant.

katrina kaif
Katrina Kaif at Cannes 2019

Her humanitarian side

It is completely rare to see a Bollywood star engages in social activities silently. Different from many other celebrities, Katrina Kaif keeps a low-key about her humanitarian side by supporting female children’s education secretly.

katrina kaif

According to some reports, Katrina has been making a donation of a chunk of her total income to a Tamil Nadu school. Her mother created an NGO project of providing quality education to the underprivileged children and Katrina joined it by giving away her earnings.

Top 50 Most Desirable Women: Katrina Kaif - Always keep confidence


Due to her perfectly famous quotes, Katrina Kaif stands at a high position in both Top 50 Most Desirable Women and her fans’ souls. You can dislike her, or love her, but you cannot ignore her!


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