Top 50 Most Desirable Women: No.10 - Anukreethy Vas, Interesting Facts About Miss World 2018’s Top 30

Laavanya Hien |Jun 11, 2019

Most of us could not stop admiring Anukreethy Vas's physical and intellectual beauty. That's why she appears in the list of Top 50 Most Desirable Women and spots the 10th position.

Anukreethy Vas who is only 20 has reached a dreaming position in her life when representing India to take part in the international beauty competition Miss World 2018. There are tons of interesting things to talk about Anukreethy, especially her impressive fashion at the Miss World pageant’s 68th edition.

Moreover, she even made the rounds in winning Head to Head Challenge and stunning to top 30 finalists.


If you kept updated to the beauty pageant competition, you could not stop admiring her physical and intellectual beauty. That's why she appears in the list of Top 50 Most Desirable Women and spots the 10th position. Here are the most interesting facts about Anukreethy Vas that you should not miss.

Anukreethy Vas was a Tamil Nadu’s college student who was born in the region Tricky of Tamil Nadu. Post finishing her study in RSK Higher Secondary School, she’s concentrating on the BA degree.

Anukreethy is also interested in arts; hence, she decided to study arts in Chennai’s Loyola College in French. Moreover, she has a fancy for modeling and her wish is to become a supermodel. Not many know that Anukreetha is a big fan of Atul Kasbekar, a renowned photographer.

Besides modeling and arts, she even flaunts her innate talent in dancing, singing, and bike riding. Because of excelling at multiple areas, she is in the list of Top 50 Most Desirable Women and receives plenty of praises.


The young model has a missing father and her entire family couldn’t have traced him until now. That’s why she was brought up by a single mother who wanted her to pursue a BA degree in French with a view to becoming a translator.

Throughout the competition of 2018 Miss India, Anukreethy Vas did exceedingly well as she beat other 30 contestants to be crowned Miss Beautiful Smile, proudly entitled award The Beauty With A Purpose, and officially became the Miss India 2018.

And at present, she makes Indians take great pride in her when representing the nation to compete in 2018 Miss World pageant which took place in China’s Sanya on December 8th, 2018.


After making her name in the 2018 Miss World’s Top 30, Anukreethy Vas shared that she still could not believe that this happened. She had been dreaming for this title since a long period of time. Every day that had gone was a good day to her because he never thought about winning or losing.

All she need was to be able to love at the moment. And, she had waited so long to reach where she was today and she could finally touch this dreaming crown.

If you are a fan of this beautiful model, you should also know that her decision to take part in the pageant competition resulted from her seeing Aishwarya Rai Bachchan crowned as the winner of Miss World on TV.

She revealed that as soon as Anukreethy saw Miss World’s Aishwarya Rai getting crowned on TV, the idea of how one got to reach that position immediately came to her mind. Thus, she had her presence in this world-known beauty competition. And, she always wanted this kind of platform to express her perspectives as well as make it a significant influence on her life.

Anukreethy Vas’s mother was credited to her noble win. She unveiled, "I give 100 percent credit to my mom for pushing me. I am a confident woman today because she has the strongest personality and she has brought me up like that."

Apart from her physical beauty, Anukreethy Vas also had a reputation for her intellectual beauty and kindness. As previously mentioned, she proudly won the award Beauty With A Purpose which was a non-profit project which aimed at educating underprivileged children.

Especially, she helped 30 kids in an orphanage and 30 transgender reach a basic educational background. She explained that what she did reminded her of one transgender friend abandoned by family. She felt reached touched by this incident.

Hence, she made an attempt to find that friend; however, nothing helped. For everything she has contributed, Anukreethy Vas deserves to be among the top 50 most desirable women.


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